Is 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day Enough ?

Welcome back! How’s your day? Well many of us thinks that only 30 minutes of exercise day is sufficient. Well is it so? CRB Tech Reviews write in details.

Mostly it’s an hour, as suggested by the exercise guidelines for general health, fitness and weight loss. An hour might be fine for veteran exercisers, but starters often have a hard time with that much exercise. Not only is it physically demanding, it demands more time and mental resources than you might have available. Hence too many people skip exercise altogether.

But, what if you knew you could get results from just 30 minutes a day? As one study, published in The American Journal of Physiology, suggests that. In that research,they took sedentary, overweight men and put them into different groups: One group exercised for 60 minutes a day, one exercised for 30 minutes a day and a control group that did not exercise. The findings were surprising: After about three months, both exercise groups lost a similar amount of weight, even though the 60-minute group burned twice the calories during the workouts.


Is that not surprising that you lose the same amount of weight even if you’re doing half the amount of exercise? Well there isn’t a specific answer, but experts suspect that the 60-minute group compensated for their workouts by eating and resting more. This is a common problem with beginners and a frustrating one as the exercisers either don’t see results at all or, worse, end up gaining weight because they’re fuelling with more calories than they realize.

Researchers suggest that 30 minutes might be able for non-exercisers, not only because the workout duration are shorter, but because these moderate workouts leave exercisers with enough fuel in the tank that they don’t feel the need to eat more or rest more after a workout.


While veteran exercisers might require more than 30 minutes to maintain their weight, this information might give beginners the encouragement they require to begin exercising.

What is your opinion about this study? If you’ve tried working out for an hour or more, have you tried finding out that you compensate for your workouts with more calories or more rest? If you’re a non-exerciser, does this offer some encouragement?

Hope this information would be helpful for you.

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