5 Exercises For A Monstrous Back

CRB Tech Reviews write about the 5 exercises that can earn you a dreamt monstrous back.

The Human back is the store house of a complex network of muscles, like the lats, rear delts, rhomboids, teres major, teres minor, trapezius and the erector spinae. Now developing a superhero back takes a lot of work and time. Incorporate these exercises in your back workouts to build a wider and thicker one.

1) Lat Pull Ins

The anatomy of the lat muscles, says that the majority of muscle fibers run diagonally. In order to train a muscle most effiectively you need to apply force aligned with the muscle orientation. And therefore, the old school lat pull downs are good but not the best. Lat pull-ins apply the force in line with the orientation of lat muscles which permits maximum contraction.


2) Lat Pull Downs (With Back Inclined)

Advantage of lat pull downs is that it also stimulates the teres major and minor muscles along with the lat muscles. In an EMG research it was found that keeping the back inclined at an angle of 11 degrees recruited more muscle fibers in the back as opposed to a strict upright posture.

Lat Pull Downs

3) Close Grip Lat Pull Downs

The above mentioned exercises perform the function of shoulder adduction. But there is another key function of the back which is shoulder extension. And this close grip lat pull downs acts on that. Best part is that this form of pull downs lets you lift very heavy loads.

Close Grip Lat Pull Downs

4) Seated Cable Rows

They are a supreme mass builder of the middle portion of the back. And the only exercise which has the ability to sore your middle back. Crucial thing here is not let your impatience take over and go back and forth as your row.

Seated Cable Rows

5) A rowing movement that permits you to pull massive loads, the chest supported variation ensures that you don’t use a lot of momentum.

This exercise is great as it targets the muscles of the upper back.

Chest Supported T-bar Rows

If you don’t have the setup, lie down on your chest on an inclined bench and perform rows with dumbbells.

We concede here.

Always remember that fitness must be functional and looks are a by-product.

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