Yoga Ways To Pack On More Muscle

The pursuit of gaining more muscle doesn’t end with your last set. Your life after gym actually decides how your hard work will pay off. To mention, Yoga can aid in muscle building efforts. Yoga is gaining immense popularity in both East and West of the globe. Here’s CRB Tech Reviews write how yoga can assist you in your journey of building muscles

1) More Flexibility, Reduced Risk of Injury

Our body was designed to go through certain extent and variation of motion but in today’s world we have compromised over that. Hence there is certain constraint over our flexibilities.


On performing an exercise our body is put to certain degree of flexibility, and injury is the most obvious consequence. One of the essential benefits of Yoga is increased flexibility.

2) Lift More and Heavier

Being strong does not only mean good muscle mass, but it’s also about how well you use the mechanical links for your body. Hence, a lot of people have tight hip flexors which hinders their deadlift and squat loads.


The various pose in yoga will open up your hip flexors and other stiff parts and will maximize your lifts.

3) Improved Blood Flow


The relaxation exercise in Yoga boosts blood circulation, especially around your limbs.  Enhanced blood flow ensures that your muscles are getting proper supply of nutrients for repair and growth. Yoga also supplies more oxygen into your cells for better functioning.

4) Better Sleep Quality

Eat like a king, train like a beast and sleep like a baby”

is a very famous quote in the muscle building community, which I advocate too. Now often we can control the first two things but owing to today’s world; sleep is luxury. Truth is that sleep is the time you build muscles.


Restorative pose, Sawasna and Pranayama performed in Yoga provides pacification for the nervous system. As a result, you’ll enjoy a deep sleep which makes you feel energetic day long.

5) Higher Intensity Workouts

A key factor for performing high intensity workouts is lower resting heart rate.  This provides you the ability to perform better even in low oxygen levels.


Reduced resting heart rate occurs due to high intensity training but how much you can train in a day? For additional reduction power yoga and asthanga yoga can be powerful tools.

We conclude here.

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