Unnecessary Fitness Equipment

Till date we have been writing what is required to be done in your fitness regime, today in this blog topic of CRB Tech Reviews I write about what the unnecessary things in the Gym.

Each equipment targets specific areas that apparently other similar machine doesn’t. True fact is that the manufacturers have taken a good effort in misleading people into thinking that a gym that has more variety of machines is a better place to do the work outs. People fail to realize that since they work out so they won’t be dependent on machines in the future. But is that true? Nope!

Here I list gym machines that aren’t actually that useful. 

1. Leg Extension Machine


If you talk about functionality, the main purpose of training would be to involve compound unsupported movements. Though a leg extension would build muscle but when you can choose a more efficient exercise, why waste time over a supported isolation movement? Why this exercise is a total wastage? Due to total absence in the involvement of the rectus femoris. In sitting position, this muscle will not be involved in the extension of the knee. Hence, a total time waster.

2. Leg Press


When it comes to muscle building this machine would help you, but on a functional aspect, this exercise stands nowhere near to a Squat or a Step-up. Pushing heavy loads on a fixed pathway will never transform to lower body strength outside the gym. If you yet plan to use a leg press, make sure you push weights thrice your body weight and go for 4 to 5 reps max.

3. Smiths Machine



Another piece of device that restricts you from using proper biomechanics. People take great pride in doing a half squat with heavy loads on a smith machine but to mention carrying this type of load on a free squat is impossible. Always stick to the functionality aspect, that’s important.

4. Lying Hamstring Curl Machine

Although this piece of equipment has seen a evolution to a seated hamstring curl, lot of gyms still have a prone hamstring curl machine without understanding anything about human body and kinetics.


Of the 4 hamstring where hips are extended, only one tiny muscle that’s the head of the bicep femoris, will do all the work. All other muscles will assist in keeping the hips extended and hence won’t be available to flex the knee while doing the curl. 

5. Wrist Curl Machine

To mention this exercise has proven to cause more harm than benefits. It damages the carpal of the wrist and forearm. Besides, even the carpal bones of the wrist could get degenerated over time in due time owing to friction.


So follow your health regime being cautious. Stay connected with CRB Tech Solutions for more health and fitness updates.

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