Cheat The Supplements With Real Food To Build Muscles

Today in health section in CRB Tech Reviews I would like to discuss about the real food to build muscle and do make an effort to make you guys realise that only supplements are not the way for muscle growth.

Basically what are Supplements? Why are they named such? Well supplements actually supplement real food, and don’t replace it. So before you spent your money over this expensive stack, think about it.

Here’s how to plan your food intake, what foods to eat and when.

1) Maintain a log or diary of your diet

Though tedious yet to gain something you need to take some pain. Muscle packing is not an easy task. So make it a habit to pen down whatever you eat every size that you take. If you can’t maintain a diary, log it into your device. Make it a point that, if you miss writing your one meal, you are moving away closer from your goal.

2) After keeping track over every bite size, start calculating the calories

Bodybuilding is very much like simple maths as it is also a physical labor. Basically, it still calories in versus calories out. There are several apps that will help you count your calories. If you break down food into calories it will help you identify whether you are in short or surplus. Neither is good.

3) Divide Your Food Into Macro Nutrients And Set The Amount Of Calories Coming From Them

Carbs, proteins and fats are the three macro nutrients you need to look at when you look at food. If you are buying packed food, check the contents. Then set the amount of calories you need to be taken from each nutrient. Since your goal is muscle building, this is how the ratio should be – 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fats.

4) Eat Actual Muscle Building Food

A calorie is merely not a calorie. The source of every calorie matters. Eat clean, simple and avoid junkies. The power of foods like dry fruits, chicken breast, desi ghee, lean meat, milk and leafy greens is way beyond than you imagine. Include intelligently in your daily diet. Keep within your daily macros and you will see the results.

So we conclude here.

Stay connected to this health site of CRB Tech Solutions for more updates and secrets.

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