Avoid These Mistakes To Become A Muscle Man

Today CRB Tech Reviews write this blog topic to make you realise the mistakes you are unmindfully making.

So what is Bulking up? Well it’s putting on some lean muscle mass to get that beefed-up look. Majorly what happens is either many fails to gain muscle or finishes with a big fat belly. Here are listed 5 mistakes that you must avoid if you want to achieve that clean bulk. 

1) What you are gulping is not enough

Wanna get big? …..Have to eat big. So the first rule to bulk up is to eat properly.  With surplus calories, you gain weight; and in deficit, you lose. To achieve it, eat at least 6-7 meals a day rich in good carbs, proteins, healthy fats and vegetables. 

2) Eating junkies to gain more calories

So eating big is not eating junks!  You need to eat real and clean food to get that lean bulk otherwise you will end up being fat. Include in your diet complex carbs like brown rice, oats, sweet potato, proteins like fish, chicken, whole eggs, fish, paneer and whey protein. You can take in healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and avocado too. In the bulking phase good carbs are your best buddy.

3) Lifting light weights with high reps

If you lift the same weight for 15-20 reps for a longer time, then there are chances that you won’t pack on any muscle. In order to achieve massive hypertrophy, you need to lift heavy. Lift weights which allow you only 6-8 repetitions per set while maintaining a strictly correct form.   

4) Adequate sleep

Very essential yet one of the most ignored aspect of muscle growth—sleep does positively amplify your gains.  A good physique is a yield of habitual intense workouts, proper diet and good amount of rest/sleep. You need 6-7 hours of sound sleep as a mandate for effective hypertrophy.

5) Zero cardio or too much cardio

Some amount of cardio is necessary in your bulking session to keep your heart function smooth and it also tames the unwanted fat. Also to remember that if you do excess cardio, and skip weight training will do the opposite and lead to muscle loss.

So we conclude here.

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