5 Bicep Training Mistakes That You Make

Hello and welcome to our Fitness zone. Today at CRB Tech Reviews I am gonna discuss about those common mistakes that you commit while in your bicep training session.

Growing biceps is not a cakewalk…..You need precise technique and dedication for adding inches. Growing biceps is the one of the toughest bodybuilding tasks. You don’t add inches to overnight! If you are serious about your bicep growth, avoid making these mistakes.

1) Rushing The Curls


When you consider about bicep curling, it’s more of how you contract your muscle and not heavy. The slower, the better. In slow motion more will be the involvement of the brachialis, the muscle who takes the responsibility of the fuller look of the biceps.

2) Not Doing ‘Negative Only Curls’


Everybody can’t do the negative only bicep curls. It’s very painful. Truth is that it is the most effective curling variation of all. Ask a trainer to help to you curl up and curl down as slow and as controlled possibly. To mentions, keeps it as your routine finisher for bicep training and you would definitely love the pain you will be put through. 

3) Wrong Positioning Of The Elbows


For your knowing the anatomy, bicep muscle has two heads: inner and outer. To work with the inner head, keep your elbows at least 30 to 45 degrees forwards. Hence preacher is the best machine for this. To hit the inner head of the bicep, keep your elbows little behind the torso. The position of the elbows guides the recruitment of your arm muscles. 

4) Using The Same Grip On All Movements


Do you what is most overlooked yet important? The grip while curling. The grips can be divided into close, wide, standard, reverse and hammer. Each grip provides better isolation of different fibers in the bicep zone. All of these grips should be equally used while curling to have fully developed biceps.

5) Not Practicing Partial Range Of Motion Chin-Ups


To mention, partial chin-ups are the most overlooked bicep exercise. Gear up for a regular pull-up but come half way down with your hands no more than shoulders width apart. Try pulling up from a 90 degree angle. This pull-up variation stresses out the brachialis and triggers bicep development.

We conclude here.

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