The King SRK Speaks About his Immovable stardom in bollywood

CRB Tech reviews provides details about the stardom of the bollywood celebrity King Khan.

By every drop, Shah Rukh Khan’s achievements story is successful for the most popular man who goals and intends to be higher than his stead. From Bollywood as an outsider and maintaining his celebrity position for over two years, the experiences of his life has loaded several guides.


Now, as he turned 51 recently, his words are mirror to the man and indeed, the superstar himself. He speaks about the popularity he has obtained and whether losing it is his greatest worry. Read on…


Have your primary concerns changed?

No, not really. I think I am being difficult as I used to in the first seven-eight months of my profession. I am a mannered man, a stylish acting professional who truly performs to the collection. I am all that. There’s no problem in that. If you become Shah Rukh by being all that, you should never have any problems.

Has popularity ever hit you?

Negatively? No! It has hit me in the most beneficial way. Stardom has caressed me. I say it to everyone who informs me, ‘Aapki comfort nahi hai. Aapko acha nahi lagta kabhi ki seaside mein jaake pav bhaji khao ya kahi ghumne nikal jao?’ Nahi! I don’t want to be regular at all. I want audience outside my home waving out to me with actual love. I like it more than having pav bhaji in public areas. I have no issues being a celebrity. I have been lucky enough to reside like a celebrity for the last 25 years. I would like to die as a celebrity, too. Main bahut clear hoon is maamle mein. Mujhe aur kuch nahi banna.

But as a celebrity, is there anything you miss doing?

I can do everything. There’s nothing I cannot do. As a point in reality, Allah’s been kind. I get to do more factors than other individuals can do. So I have skipped nothing being a celebrity. Also, there’s a feeling of being alone — which everyone has — from a director to an acting professional. I like being reclusive at periods. But I was born to be a celebrity. There’s no other way I could have resided my entire life.

But have your wishes modified over the years?

When you begin off, you want decent cash, you want popularity, you wish to keep your close relatives members well-off. You want prizes, rewards… tammanayein khatam hi nahi hoti hai. But having been here for 25 years, you know that the only factor you want to do is to get individuals smile. Somewhere down the queue, it’s not shame, but I have a sensation that I’ve been given a lot more than I are entitled to. I need to return before it finishes. It’s something I keep informing everyone that the best way to go would be ‘Roll camera, action.. Oh shit! He’s gone’. So, I want to keep on working until the last day because when I don’t perform, I believe exhausted (Smiles).

We don’t have celebrities any longer. Do you think that the listeners has shut gates to the concept of having one?

Superstardom is more like 4 walls and is an incredibly different concept. You cannot perform towards getting the popularity. Yes, there a lot of supervisors and control organizations which help you make the right goes and say the right factors, but you need to get a different type of affection to be a celebrity. The type of affection that is not concrete and explainable. If that was explainable, we could make so many celebrities in the market. I do think that press tends to determine that out by labelling an acting professional as the next celebrity. I think it requires a very extensive period of performance for one to obtain superstardom. It requires several weeks for one movie to achieve somewhere. I don’t know if Salman, Aamir and I are the last celebrities and I don’t think any acting professional can describe the phenomena of being a celebrity. There is no description for that.

Do you ever worry losing out on your stardom?

I have an inane feeling of unusual assurance in my popularity. But I know what you are saying. It’s reality… it can and it may occur gradually. But I have secured myself from that truth. I reside in an area which is my own designed truth. Really, I reside in the wrong globe, but I just believe that no one can take away my popularity. (Smiles) I don’t think I am worth all the love I get from the individuals. Neither do I are entitled to all the critique that comes my way. They are two extreme conditions. Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here has been completed. CRB Tech wordpress.

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