Carbs For Building Muscles And Keeping Fats Away

Hello guys so how is life? Hope the tips and health hacks of CRB Tech Reviews are being helpful in many ways. If you need to get big, you need to eat carbs. Though demonised, yet carbohydrates aren’t really that bad as believed. Only because fat people overeat carbs and get fatter, it doesn’t mean it makes you ‘fat’. If you consume it wise, carbs could help you recover faster, lift hard and make lean muscle mass gains. Most significantly, proteins need carbs to work and if you are training for strength and size, here’s how you can use carbs in favor.

1) High Glycemic Carbs Absorb Quick And Raise Insulin Level

So consume high GI foods like banana, potatoes,white bread and corn flakes as they quickly replenish; body is made free of of glycogen reserves after a workout. How Insulin playa the role? It drives nutrients out of the blood, take them towards the liver and muscles and hence, it’s essential to have insulin shooting carbs post workout.  

2) Take Low-Gylcemic Carbs Pre-Workout

Low Glycemic foods absorb very slow and ensure longer and more sustained supply of energy. Since absorption is slow, instead of raising the level, insulin increases slowly. This makes them ideal for intake at least an hour before getting into a workout. These foods also yield high muscle glycogen levels and helps in building mass and preventing pre-mature muscle fatigue. Whole milk, wheat bread, pastas, legumes and peanuts are best low GI foods.  


3) Eat 2-3 Grams Of Carbs Per 0.45 Kg Of body weight

You shoul take on carbs seriously if you want serious gains. While trying to gain muscle, aim for at least 2-3 grams of carbs per half kilo of body weight. So if you weigh 70 kg you need to eat at least 400-500 g of carbs in a day. And, this is the reason why hardcore training is required.

4) When Trying To Get Lean, Eat Low-Glycemic Carbs

You don’t need to cut carbs completely while you intend to become lean. Just opt for slow digesting low glycemic carbs. These foods ensure high calories intake minus high insulin levels.


5) Mostly Important Is The Timing Of Your Carbs Intake

Carbs can haave a negative impact on you and your physique if abused. When you eat timely and in set quantity, it can help you become a muscle man. Timing is an important concern while playing with carbs intake.

So stay connected with CRB Tech Solutions for health hacks and benefits.

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