What Happened In The Latest Bigg Boss 10?

CRB Tech reviews over here describes about Bigg Boss 10 latest events

It’s almost per 30 days since ‘Bigg Boss 10’ began and in between all the dilemma, preparing & projects, it’s a chance to get the first captain of the house!

In tonight’s show, you will note the first captain of the home, who will be accountable for handling the task and projects of the home as per the guidelines of the home.

In the last episode’s review we got the glance that the competitors is between Bani, Manu Punjabi and Swami Om. It all began when there was a unexpected statement be Bigg Boss, that the first three participants who get within the admission space will be selected for the job of leader.


They were then given an action known as ‘Siyasaat’, where by they are requested to develop their events by getting ballots. The one with the utmost ones, wins!

While an intense Bani gets a yellow-colored shade for her celebration, masculine Manu gets a white-colored and exaggerated Swami Om gets a red! We even have them providing speeches!

And now, according to a review released in Businessofcinema.com, the first leader of the home has been chosen and she is none other than VJ Bani!

Manu Punjabi got ballots from his buddies Navin & Manveer while Om Swami obtained ballots from his three betis- Lopa, Lokesh & Nitibha.

It continues to be to see how Bani offers with the leader deliver and that if she efficiently manages the housemates and their dilemma.


Also with this will Bani get the resistance from being selected in the next 7 days foreclosure procedure that we have seen in the past seasons!

On day 25, Bigg Boss presents the first captaincy procedure after the merging of Indiawale and Superstars. According to the guidelines, three housemates who get into the admission space after Bigg Boss’s statement will contest with each other in a captaincy procedure. Bani, Swami and Manu are the first ones to get into the admission space and are given the procedure – ‘Siyaasat’

Swamiji who originally has highest possible followers with Lopa, Rohan, Lokesh and Nitibha on his part is requested by Navin to build a coalition celebration with Manu’s group. Swamiji confirms to do so but says that he needs a while. But he instantly changes to Lopa and informs her that he won’t ever be a part of arms with Manu’s group and would select Bani’s group instead

He calls Bani and informs her that he will assist her and make her win. After the procedure finishes, when Bigg Boss requests who he is in assistance of instead of getting Manu’s name, he would wear orange garland assisting Bani. Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here has been completed. CRB Tech wordpress.

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