Tips To Maintain Current Bodyweight and Gains

Today CRB Tech Reviews write about the tips to maintain your current weight and gains. Are you planning to bulk up or lose fat? Either ways, you need to have good nutrition and a check into your calories.

The Concept Of Calorie Maintenance

It is essential for your body to maintain its current bodyweight. Suppose there are two individuals of same height,weight, age, body fat and activity level, yet one might need only 2500 cals to maintain his weight while the other might need 3500 cals.

And the reason behind this variability is NEAT.



NEAT, is the acronym for non-exercise activity thermogenesis or more simply any activity outside of exercise ? NEAT makes our metabolism slower or faster.

Now let’s see into finding your exact maintenance calories.

Step 1

Weigh Yourself Right

You should know your actual body weight. Get it done empty stomach in the morning, after the washroom scenes and without clothes on. 

To mention the weight you see every day in the gym is probably more than your real body weight.

Step 2

Weight And Calorie Check-Ins

Continue taking your weight for the next two weeks and also log in the calories you’re consuming in foods with accuracy. At the end of 2 weeks you will have 14 weight check ins and 14 calorie check ins.

Step 3

Find the average

Find an average of the 14 calorie check ins. That’s how much calories you consumed on an average every day.

Body weight

To mention for your convenience, 1 lb (0.5 kg) of adipose tissue contains 3500 calories. Hence you can make an estimate of how much of a surplus or deficit you are in based on weight change.


If you gained 1 lb (0.5 kg) of fat in a week, you might be consuming 500 calories on an average, more than your maintenance per day, as 7 days x 500 calories = 3500.  So if you only gained 0.2 lbs (0.1 g), you simply multiply 3500 x 0.2, which is 700 calories. This indicates you are in a weekly surplus of 700 calories. And daily you are consuming 100 calories more, on an average than your maintenance (700 calories divided by 7 days).

Thus, you know that since your average intake over 14 days was 2100 calories, you know maintenance is roughly 2000 (2100 – 100 calories).

This way you can find out your body’s exact maintenance calories based on its NEAT and your own activity level.

Hope this finds you all in good health.

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