Reasons To Do Warm-Up Before Lifting Heavy

Today’s blog topic in CRB Tech Reviews is about the importance of performing warm-up before lifting heavy weights.

The write up is based on some observations and the rest from my study from online resources.

But the write up is not of much significance to most people who comes to relieve themselves off work stress with a quick workout, because that would not matter much. But for serious lifters, pre-workout warm-up should be the start, because it is more to it than just rebuilding oneself before entering the gym.

Let Us take the instance of the CNS And Its Role

CNS is the acronym for Central Nervous System. Every time we perform an act, our CNS sends signals via the efferent nerves connected to the motor unit in the muscle which in turn controls the contraction. The more you lift a load, the more motor units are recruited. But, to perform a challenging task with more efficiency that particular action has to be performed several times, untill the CNS is familiar with the action.


To mention dynamic mobility will not suffice for your first set; you need to do a few initial sets before attempting the first. And before you start with your prep set with really lightweights, you need a complete and good warm-up session. Then follows the 2nd and 3rd prep sets. After 5 to 6 repetitions, the CNS familiarizes with what is happening. Now your brain is more adapted to the joint action and the load, hence performing the set with greater efficiency is simpler.

Let’s point out that your poundage for a 3 reps maximum is 150 kg and you can perform with ease. But if you wake up at 3 a.m. and rush to the power cage to lift the same weight, what would happen? Not only you be shocked and confused but also mentally incapable to lift that weight. The reason to this is that your CNS wasn’t ready.

So what you generally do is you take your espresso, freshen up, warm up and then perform the same set gradually. To mention, when it comes to efficiency and practice, thus the CNS works.

We conclude now.

Hope the information shared will be of help for you all. Let us know if we have missed any point, in the comment section below.

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