Tips For Bigger And Stronger Arms


Let’s quote this way that training arms doesn’t mean working with biceps only. You have to work out with bicep, tricep and the forearm muscles to get your desired arms. So in this blog topic of CRB Tech Reviews we would share 5 tips to go get your desire.

Each muscle functions one after another so it is useless if you go berserk with only bicep training.  For arms that are big and strong like a bullet vest, you need proper training.

Find the below mentioned tips helpful in your next gym trip and you will feel the difference.

1) Using slow isometric movements create focus on the brachialis while training the biceps


Brachialis is the muscle that is located right under the bicep and begins where the forearm ends. To mention, thicker the brachialis, better will be the overall growth and look of your biceps. There is a misconception that if you do lots of curls, you are perfectly working the brachialis. You need to be slow while doing any type of curls. The fact is that the faster you go, the lesser will be the brachialis activation.

2) Be slow with Tricep Extensions.

While doing the respective exercise, you need to extend the timing to make your workout efficient.


In size, the triceps are bigger than the bicep and hence more potential muscle. But it is sad that mostly guys fail to train them while they are working with the biceps. High pulley flat bar pull down, high pulley rope pull down and kick backs work best for your tricep growth. But do remember to keep the movements slow and a tight grip. 

3) Speed of contraction matters more than weight

Yessss! The speed of contraction is more important than the weights while working with biceps curls. Never go fast with them that would be the worst work out practice. Keep it slow while curling down and even more slowly when you curl up.


The weight is not that matters, as the myth goes. It’s about engaging with the working muscle in the best way you can with the weights that you are comfortable with.

4) Forearms Need Dedications


Though the forearm muscles get involved in every lift you do, yet, forearms respond best to maximal-pump training. So the choice of exercise is wrist roller for forearm training.

5) Heavy Deadlifts Is Wonderful For Growth Of Forearm


The DL is multipurpose….it is a growth yielding solution from legs to upper body to even puny arms. The DL acts by distributing the tension throughout the forearms region. So the magic mantra is heavy you go; more hypertrophy in arms you will achieve.

Hope you liked today’s discussion.

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