11 Intresting facts About Bodybuilding

Today at CRB Tech reviews we write about the bodybuilding facts that every lifter must know.

Since the last few years, bodybuilding is emerging and becoming popular both as a sport and as a lifestyle. But very few are aware about the history of this beautiful art of sculpting human body.  In this blog topic we would share some interesting historical facts about bodybuilding. 

The Early Era

1) It began during early 18th century and has its roots in the ancient Greek and Egyptian societies. An era when aesthetics were never a goal and strength enjoyed pride at that time. Lifting animals, stones and pulling heavy carts were among the most common practices. Only strength described the essence of an athlete. 

Eugen Sandow happened to be the Father of Modern Bodybuilding

2) Eugen Sandow is a legend and the man behind this epic sport.  Like other ancient strongmen, even he was strong and performs similar exhibitions of strength and power. The only difference with this legend was his chiselled physique which is very similar to the symmetrical aesthetic appearance of the modern bodybuilders, and hence, became popularly known as the Father of Modern Bodybuilding.


3) In 1901, first official bodybuilding competition of its kind was arranged and judged by Eugen Sandow. It was named ‘The Great Competition’ and was won by William Morray.

The Golden Era

4) Started in 1946 when bodybuilding’s next big promoter ‘Joe Weider’ came to the rise. He created the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) along with his brother Ben Weider and started Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition in 1965. Since then Mr. Olympia is the zenith of all types of bodybuilding competitions in the world. The first winner was Larry Scott and was awarded with a bronze statue of Eugen Sandow.

5) Joe had great entrepreneurial skills. He popularized and commercialised bodybuilding by starting magazines with the theme of bodybuilding, supplements and training equipments.

6) Arnold is a 7 times Mr. Olympia. With his very famous documentary ‘Pumping Iron’, he popularized the sport even more and got an entry point into Hollywood. The documentary beautifully depicted the golden era of bodybuilding.

Evolution Of Modern Bodybuilding

7) Time has been witnessing the growth of Mr. Olympia competition which also became more lucrative. It was in 70s and 80s legendary physiques like that of Dorian Yates, Markus Ruhl and Sergio Olivia came into being. But after the golden era, the physiques grew even bigger and unrealistically massive which is the sharply indicated that steroids made their entry.


8) Since the Golden era till today, Mr. Olympia winner has been awarded with a bronze statue of Eugen Sandow with a cash prize according to the rank.

The Champions Till Date

9) Since it started; only thirteen of the finest men have won the title and carried home the much desired Sandow Trophy. The winners have been Larry Scott (1965-67), Sergio Oliva (1968,’69), Arnold Schwarzenegger (1970-75,1980), Franco Columbu (1976,1981), Frank Zane (1977-79), Chris Dickerson (1982), Samir Bannout (1983), Lee Haney (1984-91), Dorian Yates (1992-1997), Ronnie Coleman (1998-2005), Jay Cutler (2006-07, 2009-10), Dexter Jackson (2008) and Phil Heath (2011-15).

10) Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman hold the record for    maximum wins in the Mr. Olympia. Both won Mr. Olympia 8 times. Phil Heath currently holds the title of Mr. Olympia.

11) Do you know that the youngest Mr. Olympia winner was Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1970 at the age of 23. And the oldest Mr. Olympia was Chris Dickerson in 1982, at the age of 43.

The bodybuilding legacy has a history that every budding body builder must know.

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  1. […] Soon has a height of 5 feet 10 inches, and recently is being in news for doing as many as 1000 crunches in a day.  His core does stand out but then again, it’s so sculpted that it looks unreal. Soon started his journey being a small, skinny 60 kg dude who was often disrespected. He now stands a massive 220 pounds heavy man with no more than 5-7% body fat. He has been a ‘muscle mania’ staple since 2009 and has getting better every year. Owing to his thicker and fuller physique which resembles the bodybuilders of the 70s, he is referred as the Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger. […]


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