Is Whey Protein Responsible For Kidney Stones ?

Today at the health zone of CRB Tech Reviews we write about the facts associated with the statement that whey protein causes kidney stones or is it simply a bro science.

The statement is often come across by every lifter. To begin with the discussion first you need to know what a whey protein is. Whey protein is known as 1st class protein by scientists as it contains most of the essential amino acids. They stimulate protein synthesis rather work like the normal counterparts but effective. 

Whey Protein Causes Kidney Stones

Let’s apply logic…..if whey protein could be responsible for kidney stones, the influx of patients would have been bodybuilders at stone treatment centres. Well that’s not the case.  Logically if you see if a person has unhealthy kidneys, something many people aren’t aware of, in that case, excess protein cause the harm. This is why supplement brands tells users to consult a physician before consuming anything. So basically it is your existing issue that is creating the problem and not the supplement.


Our body can identify the macro and micro nutrients. So protein, whether from the supplements or food, is treated in the same way. Fact is that, our body requires protein more than any other macro-nutrient. It helps in regulation of metabolism, supports other body systems, boosts the immune system and helps form blood cells. For regular workouts, you need additional protein to repair the damaged tissues and to the retain muscle mass. So whey protein supplements not only helps cover up the protein deficiency, but also fulfils the immediate protein requirement after your workout

Whey Protein Hikes Uric Acid

This is another misconception of the sort that rules most of the brains. Though the end product of protein is urea, and this determines the level of uric acid. But, there is no solid evidence that shows whey protein leads to increase in the uric acid. If you are worried about uric acid, the only protein sources that you need to avoid is red meat and leafy vegetables which contains Purine, a compound that leads to formation of uric acid.


Hence follow the real science and smartly train yourself, as bro-science will lead to misconceptions. So we conclude the discussion here. Keep yourself fit with daily dose of workout, get yourself checked and don’t be bothered by Bro-science.

Hope you liked the above discussion. Stay connected with CRB Tech Solutions for more health and fitness tips and updates.

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