Swimming : The Best Exercise

So long we have been mostly writing about Gymming and covered related topics. Today at CRB Tech Reviews we dedicate this blog topic to swimming. It is for those who doesn’t like working up a sweat but want the benefits of a cardio workout, swimming is for you.

How Swimming Works?

The water keeps you cool, even though your heart is getting a good workout. Rather the cooling effect will help going for a longer time compared to if you were running. The water actually makes you feel relaxing.


Most people swim in a pool. If you are swimming in a large water body, ensure your safety in open water with currents.

If you don’t know how to swim, you must take classes at community pools and gyms

Intensity Level: Medium

In swimming you need to use your lower and upper body muscles for a steady workout. So by going faster or longer, you can swim harder.

Target areas

Core: Swimming does a workout for your entire body including the core.

Arms and Legs: You need them for constant motion.

Glutes: Swimming uses your glutes too

Back: A great workout for your back muscles whether you’re doing the backstroke or a water-based exercise class.



Flexibility: Swimming enhances your flexibility.

Aerobic: With constant pumping of heart gives you the benefits of aerobics.

Sport: You can compete at any age.

Low-Impact: An excellent low-impact workout. The water offers you buoyancy, so as you float during your exercise session no pressure is applied on your joints.

Some other facts:

Good for beginners? Yes. You may not be able to swim for a full workout (30 minutes or longer) right away, but you can work your way toward a longer workout. Start slowly, with 5-10 minutes at a time.

Outdoors: You can play in indoor pools, also.

At home: Provided you have a personal one.

Equipment required? Only a swimsuit. Goggles and a swim cap are optional.

Words of wisdom:

If you want a great aerobic and total body-strengthening workout, then swimming is the best choice. Swimming can offer all that in one go.


If you are swimming in warm water, you can enjoy a soothing effect on achy joints and muscles. But if the weather is hot, swimming helps you keep cool while you burn calories, shed extra pounds, and gain shape.

Of course, you need a safe place to swim. Pools are ideal.

Swimming if there is a health condition?

Swimming is just about as good as it gets for a total workout.

If a woman is pregnant, the buoyancy of the water will put stress on your joints. If you swam before you became pregnant, you will likely be able to continue swimming unless you have a problem with your pregnancy. Do remember that the water must not be too hot or cold.

Swimming is for people with most types of arthritis. It can take the weight off your joints and help prevent injuries. Also a good choice if you have low back pain. Warm water could be very soothing.

For diabetic people, an aerobic activity like swimming can become a very important part of a treatment plan.

Swimming actually has a multitude of benefits and no or harms. Always do under a trainer and enjoy the water sport.

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