Arjun Rampal’s new avataar as Arun Gawli will leave you spell bound

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Arjun Rampal’s new avataar

Arjun Rampal’s performing profession has been a roller-coaster drive, but it seems his future movie Arun Gawli is nothing less than a break through for the performing professional.

That’s amazing

The filmmakers have launched the first intro of it, which will leave you spellbound. The intro shows an unidentified side of Arjun as a performing professional.

In the beginning, we see Arun Gawli – the role performed by Arjun in it – being interrogated by cops about his identification and relationships with the mob.

During the whole discussion, Arjun does not raise his head but the moment he looks into the camera – you spot a rage, an assurance, and a courageous man.

Daddy is a biopic on Arun Gawli, a gangster turned politician. The intro gives a glance of the. With it, Arjun has also walked into a new trip of his lifestyle.

He exposed at the formal intro release that he actually started working on the program himself and composed down the tale.

The Rock On 2 performing professional said he, of course, took some help from the home in the writing process.

This year has been loaded with produces for Arjun. While Rock On 2 did not do well at the box-office due to demonetisation, the performing professional is keeping his desires high from his next movie Kahaani 2.

The 44-year-old performing professional previously shared a view of his personality from it, and shaken the whole industry with his unusual similarity to the.


In the latest press meeting, the performing professional shared his experience when he met Gawli for the first time. While Gawli’s name is enough to deliver shivers down the backbone of many even today, Arjun found him to be a soft-spoken and courteous man in the real world.

Daddy’s film maker also shared a short movie on YouTube. Though it does not have any graphics, the country speech keeps echoing for many years in the back of your mind. Produced by Eros Worldwide, it has been directed by Ashim Ahluwalia.

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