Sleep Like A Baby To Grow Huge

Today we at CRB Tech Reviews write about how sleep is essential while you are trying to grow huge.

Watch the interviews of experienced weight lifters, power lifters or bodybuilders; they all say the same that the key for long term benefit is not any drug or magic supplement. It is exercise, nutrition and sleep. Sleep is equally important like exercise & nutrition. If you know you’ve been missing your sleep, this is the time to fix your routine. Apply these tips and sleep like a baby to grow like a beast. 

1) Have a fixed sleeping time

Routine sleeping every day helps in the internal functioning of your biological clock correctly and your body will release the sleep hormones timely. Sleeping and waking up daily at the same time ensures better sleep quality and increased productivity. 


Once you fix a bed time as per your schedule, keep some time of 30-60 mins before that bed time to finish all your work. E.g. if your bedtime daily is 11 pm ensure that you finish all your tasks before 10 or 10.30 pm.

2) Take A Simple Dinner


Well eating less for dinner doesn’t say go to bed unsatisfied. Eat according to caloric demands. Don’t eat a very spicy and pungent dinner; such tastes aggravate the mood. Keep them for breakfast or lunch. Even eating a spicy meal before bed might create problems of acidity to some individuals.  

3) Measure Your Water Intake 


Majority of people wake up at least once during the night to visit the washroom. And this troubles the sleep. If you wanna get an uninterrupted 7-9 hours of sleep you’ve to overcome this issue. Just measure your water intake. Drink plenty of water before 5/6 pm in the evening. Post 6 pm consume no more than 2 glasses of water. Keep yourself pretty hydrated throughout the day by consuming 5L of water.

4) No caffeine After 5 In The Evening

Caffeine, a strong stimulant, will mess up with your sleep. Hence, no caffeine after 5 pm, not even in less amounts. Even a big NO! To tea, green tea or even coke zero.  

5) Switch To Morning Or Early Evening Workouts


An intense workout session releases adrenalin and cortisol hormones in your body, which arouses the brain; making you feel energetic and charged up. So keep your workout schedule for the morning or early evening timings. 

6) Supplement With Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is very common in India and studies have shown its deficiency to be linked with minor insomnia and sleep disorders. Start supplementing with vitamin D3, begin with a dosage by consulting your physician.

So remember these simple but essential tips and stay connected with this space of CRB Tech Solutions for more tips and advice.

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