Know The Rep Ranges That Makes You Grow

It is always a query what helps, the high rep ranges or low rep ranges? Read this blog topic of CRB Tech Reviews to know the answer.

The best rep range for building muscle has welcomed many arguments and debates. Some says that training in lower rep range (5-8 reps) is great for building muscle and a few says that training in higher end (10-20) is better for hypertrophy. Let’s see the explanation here.

Here is the mechanism of the two rep ranges—low rep range and high rep range.

Low Reps With Heavy Loads


More the load on the bar more is the amount of muscle fibers required to move it. Henneman’s size principle says that neurological motor units (muscle fibres and the motor neuron that innervates them) are employed in an organized fashion dependent on the size of the motor unit. Hence when you go under the bench for pressing 100Kgs you first use your fast twitch muscle fibres which mainly helps in explosive and high intensity activities and at the final reps, you recruit the slow twitch muscle fibres.

Mission achieved, all muscle fibres have been fired up to let grow the muscle.

High Reps With Lighter Loads


Training with higher number of reps with light loads recruits the primary muscle fibers which help in endurance activities. So an argument says high rep training fails to involve all the muscle fibres. But with gradual fatigue, this argument fades. As you start with lighter loads some interesting neurological changes occur. Researchers have opinion that this fatigue-related recruitment allows high rep & low load training to use a lot of muscle fibres.

All the muscle fibers are recruited and demolished once again, hence aids in muscle growth.

What to be done!

Plenty of studies have been initiated which demonstrate that low reps and high reps both induce similar muscle growth. But, lifting heavier loads will allow you better at picking up heavy loads and lifting light loads with more reps will make you better at doing more reps.

For some exercises like leg extensions, lateral raises, skull crushers lifting heavy with low reps will cause injuries. There you have a choice to train with light or moderate weight loads with high reps and cause muscle growth.

The success mantra is train not with what you are comfortable; but with the rep range that makes you grow.

Hope you liked the discussion. Stay connected with CRB Tech Solutions for more health and fitness benefits.

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