White Rice Is The Your Ultimate Carb Source For Muscle Mass

Today in this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we shall discuss why you should take in white rice if you want to grow your muscles.

There are many myths that have blinded the logic of religious fitness desirables and the latest in the list to eat brown rice and avoid white rice. Now who are they doing this? Of course the people, who are mostly seen with treadmills, don’t want to lifts weights as they fear to appear ‘too bulky’ and think whey protein is a steroid.

Let us clear the air white rice is the must carb source if you want to put on weight or even when you are trying to lose fat.

The Glycemic Index of Brown Rice Vs White Rice:

If a food is low GI, it means to get digested slowly and doesn’t allow a steep blood glucose spike. A high GI food does exactly the opposite. The higher the blood sugar, higher would be the insulin response. Now white rice is a high GI carb source so hope you get the point clear.


White Rice Spikes Insulin

Insulin is one of the most essential anabolic hormones and also potent in muscle building. If managed wise, it can help you build muscles otherwise it will make you fat. In simple words, insulin helps glucose, amino acids and creatine to enter the muscles. It is also crucial in muscle protein synthesis. White rice shoots up the insulin level. This makes it as a must post-work-out-meal. Brown rice digests slowly and hence, its insulin response is slow.

The So-Called ‘Protein’ In The Brown Rice Is Negligible

Protein content of brown rise is so negligible that it doesn’t even count. There’s about 2.6 grams of protein per 100 grams. And that’s the joke!

Brown Rice Has Phytic Acid


Do you know phytic acid makes the digestion and absorption of a lot of nutrients obstructive? So the people who advocate brown rice are ignorant about this fact. And rice bran, the coating that makes rice brown has phytic acid.

The bottom line is that if you are a lifter who puts in real work in the gym, white rice is the only and best carb source for you. If you are trying to gain weight again white rice is your friend. But if you are fat and has a sedentary life style, brown rice might be a better fit for your weight loss regime.

We conclude this discussion here.

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