Meet The Asian Arnold: Chul Soon

Hwang Chul Soon,a South Korean bodybuilder who’s known as the “Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger” and “Korean Hulk” for all obvious reasons. Today’s blog topic of CRB Tech Reviews is all that you would love to know about his bodybuilding journey.

Millions of bodybuilders are flexing 24/7 on the internet. If you have the gains, get the followers. That’s how bodybuilding in the age of internet can be simplified.

Soon is a professional South Korean bodybuilder and fitness model. He is the current rage on the internet for his physique. He has half a million followers on Facebook and near about 400K followers on Instagram. Already a known face in his country, Soon gained popularity on the international platform earlier this year.


Before you start off, let’s remind that steroid use is obvious in professional level bodybuilding. So, give some props to this man for putting all the hard work instead of criticizing.

Soon has a height of 5 feet 10 inches, and recently is being in news for doing as many as 1000 crunches in a day.  His core does stand out but then again, it’s so sculpted that it looks unreal. Soon started his journey being a small, skinny 60 kg dude who was often disrespected. He now stands a massive 220 pounds heavy man with no more than 5-7% body fat. He has been a ‘muscle mania’ staple since 2009 and has getting better every year. Owing to his thicker and fuller physique which resembles the bodybuilders of the 70s, he is referred as the Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He’s won a number of bodybuilding and fitness competitions all over America, being placed first in the 2014 Musclemania Universe and the 2012 Musclemania World Championship.

Soon is mostly known for his perfectly chiseled 8-pack abs which has gained him Instagram popularity with over 345,000 followers.


To mention, Soon used to do sit-ups 3,000 times every day. He said that when he learnt more about bodybuilding he started to spend less time doing sit-ups and more time eating properly and maintaining a good diet.

It took him 12 years to get this toned body. He said that one should just keep working out steadily but constantly, step-by-step unless you one see the changes and have the body he always wanted.

What a life inspiration!

Hope you like this real life story which says sheer handwork, determination and a good diet are the only way to achieve dreams.

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