The 5 Rules For Your Healthy Muscles Gain

Train…..Eat…..Sleep! And Repeat. Yessss! Today’s blog topic at CRB Tech Reviews is about the 5 rules that will aid you in maximising your astronomical muscle growth.

You pass every sweat session with a desire that your body has no choice but only grow, yet weeks pass and your scale suggest otherwise. You might start to feel depressed by the thought of not getting the results you were expecting, but don’t lose heart. You need to help yourself with a firm plan to maximize your workouts and time in the gym.

Using these 5 vital tips, you can maximize your gains!

It’s a 70-30 deal. 70% what you eat & 30% how you work out. Always remember that a good workout can never overtake a bad diet. If you eat right, sometime moderate workout routine also does wonders.

  1. Nutritious Calorie-Dense Foods For Bulking


Calorie-dense foods are higher in calories in comparison to their nutritional value. A lot of ‘junkies’ are considered calorie-dense too, but their nutrition value is next to zero. So avoid the junk foods and stick to natural calorie-rich foods like dry fruits, avocados, almond butter, bananas, peanuts and cottage cheese; if bulking is your goal.

  1. Protein Intake At Night


Protein intake before bed has chances to increase your protein synthesis as much as 27%. Atleast 30-40 gs of casein protein is ideal to consume before bed as it get digested slowly.

  1. Adequate Sleep Is A Must


A classic growth method for bodybuilders, sleeping helps not only in your growth but also helps you lose fat. Our body releases Leptin, a fat loss hormone when we sleep.

  1. Supplements Are Secondary

Be sure to complete your macro nutrient requirements from your food. If you still lack at some nutrients, only then go for supplements. It’s hard to get in the necessary amount of protein to grow big keeping in mind the vegetarian and largely carb foundation of Indian diets. So comes the need for protein powders. Supplements are not that essential unless you get your macros from the regular bites. 

  1. The Usage Of Creatine And BCAAs

Both of these supplements are essential for optimal muscle growth, a recovery from wear and tear if you are a religious work-out person. Research says that Creatine doesn’t affect heart, liver or kidneys. It will improve at your performance and make you look big as it helps muscles to retain water. BCAAs are essential amino acids that help in the muscle protein synthesis but can’t be produced by our body.

So keep in mind these simple tips and maximise your muscle gain.

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