Are You Doing The Correct Push Ups

Today at CRB Tech Reviews I write about the right ways to do push ups.

They look very easy, simple and almost like a kids play when compared to other fitness machines and free weights in the gym.

Before the Push Up

You need to warm up with a bit of cardio. You might choose from skipping rope to jumping jacks and try jogging. The active ones can even combine the three. But out of enthusiasm don’t tire yourself.

What is Push up?


Always exhale while rising up your body, pause for a moment, hold the push up pose before taking your body back to the prone position. Keeping thie rhythm of breathing, as more oxygen means better workouts.

Factoring in people who don’t have enough shoulder/chest strength yet to perform a sustained pushup, it is advised to bend the knees such that they touch the floor during the push-up. This will develop more surface area for the body to bear the weight.

The beginners can also perform inclined pushups.

Or can try a vertical push up against the wall.

Why do pushups

To create massive changes to your abs, triceps, shoulder and torso. If you find it monotonous and start thinking of it as just another exercise, try it. To work specifically on your chest, widen the position of your hands a bit further.

The Don’ts


With what seems a simple goal of ten pushups, you may have started optimistically. However, when near the 7th push up, when fatigue sets in, you might literally ‘compromise by letting the elbow joints take the weight of your body when you rise up. So don’t do that. Pushups are meant to exercise abs, triceps, shoulders and chest. Not elbow joints.

Another mistake is to allow the chest touch the ground when you come down. It might look cool, but it takes away the weight from your arms.

If you do10 pushups a day then misses 3 days of workout, and then think to make up for it with 40 pushups……It won’t work because your body doesn’t work as per your will. You need to have a fitness regime and stick to it with discipline and strict rules.

Fitness Log

Maintain a simple log book, mentioning your warm-up exercise(s) & time, the number of pushups you performed. Also, if you count calories, then remember that a push-up can burn up to one calorie.


Stretch your chest muscles by holding against a wall, and then stretch away from it. Any other method by which you can feel a mild stretch on the muscles is appropriate. Just don’t overdo it.

We conclude now.

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