Ranveer Singh and Befikre are greeted at Diff: Befikre Premiere

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about the Dubai Film Festival and Befikre Premiere

The Bollywood charm on the evening of Dec 8 was the 13th Dubai International Film Festival (Diff)

and stars like Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor walked over the red carpet for the world premiere of their romantic drama film Befikre.

Screaming the name of ‘Ranveer!’ echoed across the red rug as the acting professional was given a rockstar welcome by his fans who were chanting his name.

The more they screamed, the more he was attracted to them as he with patience accepted to the selfie and hug demands.

He kept moving to and fro from the fan pit to the press area.

He asked the reporters to wait as for him talking selfie with his fans were the first priority. The feelings was very delightful; and nobody could reduce the energy of the Befikre duo.


Singh and Kapoor even pretended to kiss by pouting their lips, much to the enjoyment of their fans. Some fans even provided Kapoor a goodie bag as a gift.

Asked if he was concerned about the destiny of the video, he said: “Why worry? I’m befikre (carefree). Never assess. Be very glad.”

Befikre, a romantic comedy directed by Aditya Chopra, is set in France and record the Western experience of Shyra and Dharam.

“There’s more to the video than the bears. I don’t know why they shot the movie trailer that way. It’s a lovely and romantic tale,” Singh said previously in the day during a job meeting.

It was Singh’s third time at Diff and Kapoor’s first time.

“It’s awesome that we are premiering it in Dubai. I would like to know about the responses of individuals from various areas of the world. And, it’s one of the best places,” said Kapoor. “I can’t hang on for those from various societies to see Befikre.”


The two invested their mid-day advertising the video intensely. Singh used a blue blazer and blue trousers combined with blacka nd white chevron tie by Dubai developer Varoin Marwah. He finished the look with a silver and blue metallic, octagonal in shape replicated eyewear.

His co-star used something more calm with a white-colored outfit. But Singh guaranteed to surprise us even more. He resided up to his declaration on This. He almost stole the show from Kapoor with his awesome (flashy, attention-seeking) putting on a costume design.

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