Workout Secrets Of Brad Pitt

Today at CRB Tech Reviews I bring you the secret behind the Brad Pitt look!

Brad Pitt has a powerful physique.

It takes years for most guys to earn the physiques they desired while taking a gym membership.

It took Brad Pitt only a few months to become Tyler Durden for the ‘Fight Club’. And if you want that deadly physique, you must know these…..

Most professionals describe Pitt’s body type as a hard gainer or in other words an Ectomorph which means someone who takes longer than an ordinary person to gain weight and muscle mass. Have you seen Pitt’s early day’s pics?….He was a lot leaner, visibly flat-chest and light muscled.

He has an extraordinarily fast metabolism, and so never was he concerned too much over hard training, cardio and dieting, though he did some weight training for ‘Thelma and Louise’.


Brad religiously worked for his abs since his early twenties. Owing to his thin structure that helped him a lot in getting his abs in great shape. Only after the release of Fight Club that Pitt’s physique became the talk in the gym rooms. His hard and perfect physique drew lots of envy and attention. People started craving for such a physique.

Here’s the main secret behind Brad Pitt’s well toned body.

Brad Pitt’s Routine

Though there are a number of changes in Brad’s gym routine, the core idea didn’t change much.

He did four sets per workout and one minute of rest between each set.

He used weights challenging enough for 15 reps per set, yet be so exhausted, that he couldn’t go beyond the 15th rep.

He maintained proper form during his workout.

Monday Plans: Chest

4 sets – 30 – 340 reps -push ups
4 sets – 15 reps – nautilus press
4 sets – 15 reps – nautilus incline press
4 sets – 15 reps – Pectoral deck (Butterfly) machine

Tuesday Plans: Back

4 sets – 15 reps – pullups
4 sets – 15 reps – seated rows
4 sets – 15 reps – lat pull downs
4 sets – 15 reps – t bar rows

Wednesday Plans: Shoulders

4 sets – 15 reps – Arnold press
4 sets – 15 reps – laterals
4 sets – 15 reps – front raises

Thursday Plans: Biceps & Triceps

4 sets – 15 reps – nautilus curl machine
4 sets – 15 reps – e-z curls cable
4 sets – 15 reps – hammer curls
4 sets – 15 reps – push downs

Friday Plans

Treadmill 45 minutes 65-75% MHR

He took the advantage of weekends to give his body time for recovery and relaxation.

Brad’s Diet Regime

6 small meals a day, 2 of which comprised of a protein bar and a whey protein shake. He skipped taking additional supplements.

1. Brad ate all high-protein food like chicken, lean meats and eggs.

2. Carbs consisted of grains,rice cakes, whole-wheat, green veggies and oats.

3. 6 eggs and oatmeal porridge with raisins for breakfast.

4. His mid-morning snack included tinned tuna sandwich wrapped in whole-wheat bread.

5. Lunch was of green vegeies, 80 grams brown rice and two chicken breasts.

6. Mid-afternoon pre-workout food consists of a banana with a protein shake or protein bar.

7. Post-workout snack included fresh fruits and protein shake.

8. Dinner included grilled chicken or fish, pasta or brown rice and salad.

So guys besides the above mentioned secrets sheer determination and consistency made the Brad Pitt you see today.

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