Weight Loss Story Of Junior Ambani

Today at CRB Tech Reviews we write about the fitness struggle that Anant Ambani has undergone to shed 70 kgs in 18 months duration. He is the second son of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani, who is the owner of Reliance Industries.

Anant Ambani has been overweight since his childhood. When he came to publics owing to his father’s popularity, he became the victim to crude jokes on twitter. Some users even claimed that Anant Ambani was mentally challenged and so was overweight!

But in the third week of March 2016, Ananat was spotted at a ceremony at the Somnath Temple looking slim, his new avatar caught the media attention by surprise and the next day it was the headline all across the newspapers.

Everyone wondered how did he lose weight?

Before talk about the loser; let’s try and understand what led to that gain?


When Anant was young he was diagnosed with asthma and as it intensified he got asthmatic attacks. As the only resort the doctors had to prescribe steroids to control his asthmatic problems.

When one consumes steroid medication over a long duration; one of the side effects they give is an increase in appetite. Steroid takers have a voracious appetite which is hard to control. Hence Anant got addicted to food and gained weight until he weighed 140 kgs some years ago.

Steroid also leads to the development of Hypothyroidism, in which the thyroid gland is unable to secrete the hormones required for burning food efficiently. This led to his body store most of the energy he consumed in fat reservoir.

The weight loss story

As per reports, he took training under the supervision of a US trainer and began running marathons at the Reliance refinery in Jamnagar in Gujarat. Losing weight in the Ambani family is nothing new, even Nita Ambani lost 31 kilos and reduced to her weight from 90 kgs to 59 kgs some years back.

Any Gastric Bypass surgery ?

Gastric bypass is a special type of surgery and is a rage in India with celebrities and politicians. Two notable politicians who have done this recently are Nitin Gadkari and Arun Jaitley. This type of surgery reduces the size of your stomach which in turn makes you eat less as your stomach starts feeling full even if you consume a small quantity of food.

It is obvious that willpower can’t be developed overnight, it seems unlikely that Anant could overcome his addiction to food cultivated over decades in a single go.

There is a possibility that along with exercise he also took advantage of surgery to lose weight, but the truth about how he lost weight is not yet out in the open!

But at least for you over there, it could inspire you to go and hit the gym!

For now we conclude!

Thanks for being with us and continue to stay in touch with CRB Tech Solutions for more health and fitness updates and news.

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