Facts About Bodybuilding Steroids

Today’s blog topic at CRB Tech Reviews is about the facts about bodybuilding steroids and it is for those who wanna take them to gain benefits.

Anabolic Androgenic Steroids

A synthetic steroid hormone taken as drug to replicate the function of testosterone hormone to promote the muscle growth, by enhancing the anabolic environment in the body. These hormones are taken to illegally lose weight and increase physical performance. The drug is administered into the muscle; shoulder, hip and thighs being the most common areas and can also be taken orally.

To mention a few types of steroids : Anadrol & Anavar (Oral); Deca Durabolin & Euipoise (Injectable).


Their usage

Mainly to have a greater hand and superiority over another athlete, just by gaining rapid results, either in terms of aesthetics and power or either.

a. To become lean with extremely low body-fat levels

b. To enhance strength with a peaked anabolic environment in the body

c. To gain muscles rapidly by fastening recovery period

How is Usage different from Abuse

Cycling, stacking and pyramiding are three methods to use the drug, which range from 6 to 8 weeks, and exceeding this time frame is risking your life. The strictly monitored and controlled cycling can act in the athlete’s favour, overdosing can cause lifelong damage, and in some extreme cases of abuse, can be fatal.

Major Myths! 

1. The Side Effects Are Permanent! 

Hormonal changes owing to the usage of steroids are unavoidable. Side effects for men include decrease in size of male testicles, halt in the production of testosterone, gynecomastia, etc. And in women, enlargement of clitoris, facial hair and growth of hair in unwanted regions, deep masculine voice.

But, all of these is actually reversible, in due course of time after the drug usage is completely blocked. But, the condition that the drug does to your body which also affects the mind needs to be dealt separately.

2. Temper Issues

Though no researches say or prove loss of temper while on steroids. But, the drugs do increase pre-existing traits, like an individual with short temper would get into frequent fights, or an extremely emotional individual will go into depression.

3. Steroids Can Replace Hardwork

Mark this! There is no substitute to hard work, even if you use steroids. If you have been training hard and eating right, steroids might benefit you but you certainly won’t be able to grow muscles without working out. Your body must be continuously in an anabolic environment for the substance to work.

So we conclude now!

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