Home Fitness Tips

Today at CRB Tech Reviews we won’t be talking about the gym workouts but certain practices that will keep you fit and healthy without going to a gym

Why don’t you try some Home Fitness

Your body weight and gravity can do a perfect job, and you’ll work with them in the following moves. You’re on your way to get into your best shape! But do consult a physician if anything troubles you.

Wood Chop


A whole upper body muscle-ripping workout it is, which includes the abs. Begin with feet hip-width apart, knees little bent. Attach a band overhead and hold it over the shoulder, trunk angled toward the band. Pull down to the opposite hip, slightly rotating then return to original position.

Standing Tubing Row


This move aims at all the muscles used in a pull-up, as well as all the core muscles. Hold the handles with straight arms and tubing taut. Pull the handles towards your body and lean back a little. Bring your shoulder blades back and together. Wait and slowly straighten your arms back to the original position without bending forward.

Circuit Training


Do you want to burn fat quickly? Rapid-fire circuits transform strength moves into calorie-torching, cardio work. If your goal is to lose weight, use light weights and low reps. A circuit might include push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches followed by a two-minute run. Repeat or alternate it with a circuit of biceps curls, dips, and shoulder presses to target smaller muscles.



Pull-ups work arm and back muscles, give works great for your buck. Turn palms away to work more back muscles. With the palms facing you works not just the back, but also aims at the biceps. Slowly pull your body up, bend your elbows, until your chin is with same level as the bar.  Wait and slowly return to your original position.

Wide Grip Push-up


This makes the chest muscles work a little harder. Place your hands outside the shoulders. As you lift, imagine gripping the ground with your hands to engage the large muscles of the pectoralis major.

Decline Push-up


This is to enhance your shoulder strength. Get into a standard push-up; then place feet behind you on a sturdy chair or bench. Keep your body in a straight line, use the abs, bend your elbows, and lower your chest towards the floor. Push back to the original position.

Jump Train


With jumping jacks and other explosive moves you can enhance muscle power. Jump training is known as plyometrics, and it’s not for beginners and who has joint issues. But one with good strength and balance, it will help you. Try jump training to your workout once or twice a week.

Jump Squat


You have to shift hips back and down until the heels start to lift off the floor. Create a straight line from toes to fingers, with your back flat. Land softly on the middle of your foot and sink back into a squat to help absorb the impact.

We conclude here. We shall continue with some other home workout ideas in our next blog.

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