Hrithik Roshan And His Body Building Secrets

The most awaited Kaabil is all slated to release next year. The trailer is so engaging wondering how the film would be! Well not talking about Hrithik’s movie, we at CRB Tech Reviews are talking about the star himself and the way he earned that chiselled physique.

The Challenge

Media reports confirmed that due to a number of injuries and some personel reasons that rendered him almost incapable of hitting the gym when Hrithik did quit upon his strict workout schedule and took to the bottle and cigarettes, it was clear that his body wasn’t a blessing of God but the results of his efforts without which he was prone to develop average bodily dynamics like most men.

How Hrithik’s Seek Help to Regain his Body Tone

It was then that Kris Gethin came for his help. At the time when he met Kris, Hrithik had a 36+ inches waist and suffered from extreme fluctuations in blood pressure.

Transformation Began: Hrithik staeted to training Hard with Kris Gethin Hrithik realized that for his role in Krrish 3, he needed to look at his fittest and muscular best. This is why the guidance of Kris became important since this guy has been behind some amazing transformation stories in Hollywood. Kris introduced a few changes in Hrithik’s outlook to exercising.

Impressive, Initial Results Surfaced

Hrithik yet suffers the scars by repeated knee and back injuries. He realized that the only way to become fit again was to swallow some pain and combine this with some exercised around the injury. The challenges were far from over for Hrithik. Hrithik confessed that making him more committed to the workouts was the first goal of Kris and the master-trainer was never taken back on making his disciple do the extreme. The results were visible within ten weeks; he lost 6 inches around his waist!


Dietary Changes

His diet now comprised of at least 100 grams meat along with lots of complex carbs. Hrithik had to consume carbss throughout the day since he needed the extra calories to support his muscle gains. Hrithik became dependent on pure forms of protein like egg whites which he had for breakfast and dinner on days of heavy workouts.

Gymming Results

Hrithik’s dedication wasn’t just for lifting the heavy weights but also taking some precautions:

He cut down sodium which bloats
• Zero intake of sugar

Ate to just ~70% of the hunger quotient
• Ate within 45 minutes after completing the workout for faster gains
• Took a short nap after having a full meal to allow the body’s metabolism to gain the maximum nutrition and make use of it towards muscle recover/repair


Significant Tips Revealed from Hrithik’s Bodybuilding Regimen:

  1. Hrithik does regular bench press without too many variations
  2. He doesn’t work-out for more than 40 – 60 minutes and takes a nap sooner•
  3. On busy days, he does exercise at night
  4. He uses workouts to tire himself and put himself to a deep sleep

Concluding Thoughts

  1. Despite drinking and smoking and multiple injuries, Hrithik regained his physique through sheer dedication.
  2. Guidance Matters a Lot
  3. Mental Aspect is Critical: Hrithik reformed his lifestyle to get back into his present avatar.

Those who have been seen the progress, peak and downfall of Hrithik’s physique could realize that he has gone through tremendous tough phases. But he did not back down and didn’t surrender. Hence he triumphed!

We conclude the discussion here.

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