10 Quick Tips To Build Your Muscles

Today at the fitness zone of CRB Tech Reviews, we write about the tips to grow brawny biceps like Salman for all men. So, if you’re a thin man wanting to become a tough guy, this blog topic is for you.

Arms And Back


Earn that extra bulk in your arms with the right moves. So, first thing first, focus on pairing your arm workout with back exercises, as you’ll work your biceps whenever you perform back exercises, so doing them together ensures no overtraining of your biceps.

Take more Protein

You must begin taking post-workout nutrition. To mention, foods you eat during the post-workout period will influence the speed with which your body rebuilds that damaged muscle tissue, hence there is no place for error. Eat protein rich foods.

Take in Sufficient Calories

Besides proteins tyou need the fuel to grow your body. You can’t build your muscle out of nothing, so ensure that calorie intake is present.

Work On The Biceps Last

When sculpting your upper body, keep your bicep exercises in the list after you have finished with all other works. This will help you fully tire out your biceps. If you perform bicep exercises first, the chest presses and bent-over rows which you plan to do later might suffer. 

Bicep Curl Variations


You must know about bicep training that biceps are the fast muscle group to adapt. So performing the same exercises repeatedly will make you hit the training plateau. To avoid this, vary your exercise regime.

Try A Reverse Grip

Try using a reverse grip while performing bent-over rows as well. This will have you placing far more emphasis on the bicep muscle compared to just the back as the standard grip does. This is also a great way to alter the way you put stress on the back muscles.

Don’t Overtrain

Be careful not to overstrain. Those who do split body workout; each time you do a chest or back work, the biceps get stimulated. So you need to stay away from the gym the next day allowing recovery.

Add Pull-Ups


Building muscle is not only lifting heavy weights. Make use of your weight too. Add pull-ups to your workout regime, this will be great for building up muscles.

Cables Over Dumbbells

While dumbbells are great for biceps, the cables present a different loading pattern that can yield more results.

Focus On The Eccentric

Finally, ensure that you are not only focusing on the concentric portion of the exercise, but the eccentric too; by lowering the weight gradually to the bottom of the lift, you’ll increase the overall stress on the muscles, to produce greater strength gains.

Now we conclude. Hope you liked this blog topic.

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