Secret Super star will be a super hit, says Aamir Khan a rockstar

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about secret superstar teaser

A small girl residing in one of India’s little cities.

A disagreeing dad and a girl with a dream. And Aamir Khan, with golden colored hair and the mind-set of a rockstar. And Aamir Khan confirms this is a superhit.

Secret Celebrity, or rather (Secret) Superstar is the next movie of India’s Mr Perfectionist and his Dangal little girl Zaira Wasim.

And matching its name, the venture was under cover, until Aamir Khan’s latest transformation. Even the teaser release was under cover with Aamir playing with us via videos that he has some surprise for us.

The outcome was this lovely little teaser where Zaira is a lady with an interest, she wants her voice to be heard all across the world.

Her mom wants the same for her but the issue is dad, who breaks the guitar while she watches.

She makes her desire come true by dressed in a hijab and getting to YouTube to privately publish her music.

Reportedly, Aamir may perform her coach.

His part will be a prolonged cameo, a lot like what he did in Taare Zameen Par. Only, compared with that personality, he will do it all as a rockstar. So, cut to Aamir Khan and he informs us, “It is superhit, pasand aaya to like karo aur nahi aaya to taste modify karo.” So, what are you going to do?

At the release of the Secret Celebrity teaser, Aamir also shared some exciting ideas. Here you go…

1. After so much hype about who is the Secret Celebrity, Aamir exposed it was none other than Zaira Wasim who is playing his little girl in Dangal.

2. So, what is the part Aamir is playing in the film? The acting professional had this to say, “I am the coach of Secret Celebrity.”

3. While Aamir Khan is known to devote a while over every movie he does, Secret Superstar will come in a short time period. The celebrity said the movie will hit the screens in eight months’ time.

4. While Aamir said he has a different part in the movie, the film’s director Advait said he is more than my godfather. The film maker said he assured Aamir to star in his movie with his movie script.

5. But Aamir did something effective. He obviously provided an audition before saying yes for the movie. The acting professional said the word superstar does not enrol for him, “Superstar phrase has never enrolled. Someone who is adored by all.”

6. He said he is not a superstar and nobody views him one. He named Rajinikanth and Amitabh Bachchan celebrities, those who are adored by all.

7. “In Hindi theatre there have been women celebrities right from Madhubala ji to Waheeda Rehman ji to Sridevi to Madhuri to Kajol to Juhi to Katrina and Deepika. We have had awesome women celebrities. This movie is about superstar but she is a lady and we don’t get to see this often,” Aamir said.

The movie is directed by Advait Chandan and produced by Aamir and spouse Kiran Rao.

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