Govinda comes back confidently : Aa Gaya Hero movie

CRB Tech reviews over here shares the view point of Govinda’s 3 decades of journey

There are many cinema lovers who actually adore Govinda’s comedy and dance throughout his 30 years of cine journey.

That’s Great!

Govinda has always proved that talent never fails and even during tough times he kept and keeps moving forward.

He soon came back in front of camera after spending and exploring time in politics for a while.

There are 4 things one should not expect from Govinda’s movie:

  1. Logic
  2. Story
  3. Outfits
  4. Casting

.On the eve of his 54th birthday party (December 21), the public’s Idol No 1 is thrilled about his new innings.

His Answers:

Turning one year older:

Currently I am focusing on the release of my film “Aa Gaya Hero” and therefore he doesnt want to divert to think of his age and as an actor he cant afford to think of it.

Double Party:

I am about to release my movie and that itself has cost more than party celebration and he cant spend more. But yes the film will be a good treat and a party to the audience. And anyone viewing me in the film will say age is just a number for me. My mother once told me that I should take care of her children till they turn 49 and I was shocked because I would become old and for that she said I would never feel old or behave like one. I would expect the same from the audience after watching the movie.

You’ve finished 30 years in the market. How do you recall again at your journey?

Neither movies nor politics was easy for me. Whatever I am today, it is out of my own efforts and blessings of my mother and the love of my fans. Making my own films and launching them is also challenging. There has been no team or assistance from the start. And my struggle has taught me a lot of stuff and not to give up in any situation.

Do you think you got your due?

No that is not my cup of tea.

My strategy has always been to work so that I support my loved ones. I never organized my films. Winning National Award was not my focus. I did films that made the public satisfied.

Sometimes, you have to compromise your skills to please individuals. When I finalized films with big administrators, they did not stand up well, but whenever I did tasks with zero objectives, they did great business.

Somehow, planning my films is never suitable for me. When I chose to comeback, I had to make the most on my kind of cinema; I did not want to dissatisfy individuals. People liked my activities in ‘Kill Dill’ and ‘Happy Ending’, but I was hardly there in them. Sometimes, your hardwork does not achieve the viewers. I’ve assured that my future movie will satisfy those who come to see a Govinda movie.

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