Secrets Of Enjoying a Long And Beautiful Life

Living long is not enough; but enjoying a long life is what we desire. So today’s blog at CRB Tech Reviews share the secrets behind happy longevity.

In simple we can paraphrase the words of Dr. David Katz that we not only want to add years to our life but also want to add life to our years.

Well the secret is not a secret at all. If you look at communities that experience really healthy, long lives, they have 4 things in common:

1. Daily physical activity. The fact is that you don’t need to be a marathon runner or an accomplished athlete. You can be simply and naturally physically active as that’s what life demands. The people who lives long and healthy are farmers and fishermen. They live in communities where walking a long distances is a must.


To simplify, add movement to your day whenever you can. And if your job demands sedentary life, ensure to go to a gym or yoga or just take a long walk – every day.

2. Social interconnectedness. The people that live long are part of a community. They gather for celebrations. They share each other’s happiness and sorrows. They support each other.


So the essential is to be a part of a group and interacting with friends, neighbours and family. Rekindle friendships. Get involved in groups that share your interests or passions.

3. An inner feel of joy. Do remember, people with exceptional longevity tends to be happy. They have a purpose and joy in their lives.


The simple fact is that if you enjoy reading books then read. If you like making pot holders then do that. Lucky you are if your job gives you a sense of content, then keep working.

4. A whole plant-based diet. This is very much essential. People with happy longevity eats whole, real foods in reasonable amounts. Their foods are simple, cooked from scratch, and mainly plant based. Do you know some long-lived communities are vegan?


Many take some meat and dairy; but they constitute a small minority of the calories consumed. These people don’t take a bunch of supplements, they don’t add extra protein powder to their smoothies, they avoid going to restaurants with any regularity, and last but not the least, they don’t relish on processed foods and junkies.

To be brief and sweet, shop various in a grocery store and get cooked food at home. Shift your choice of wholesome meal and keep meat and dairy as side dish rather than at the centre of the plate.

And then enjoy your resilient body, your friends and family, your hobbies and your food. That’s living well!

Hope the secrets are all shared!

Keep looking for more on wellness and fitness at this space by CRB Tech Solutions.

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