What Diet Mistakes To Avoid In Summer

After the fall and winter comes the long days of summer which means more exercise, light eating, and lost pounds. But on the other hand on these days many people gain pounds and let go of the normal routine. Here at CRB Tech Reviews, I discuss how to avoid those summer mess.

We enlist four common ways that summer can mess up with your diet, and the ways how you can avoid them:

1.  High calorie sips

It’s essential to stay hydrated during the summer heat, so drink plenty of liquids. But to mention many beverages are calorie loaded in disguise. Shakes and smoothies, energy drinks, sweet cold coffee concoctions topped with whipped cream, and even sweet iced tea and lemonade can add hundreds of calories a day to your diet.


Solution: If you want a quick and a painless way to cut off calories from daily diet, go for low and no calorie drinks like water (make it fun by using fresh berries or a few drops of lime) or unsweetened iced tea, and keep bay at alcohol or take 1 drink or less per day.

2. Tempting for ice cream

An occasional treat is not bad, but don’t take habitual trips to your favourite ice cream parlour. A double scoop of ice cream could cost you over 450 calories (exempting the cone).


Solution: Limit frozen treats to no more than a couple times a week and keep your servings to 1/2 cup or 1 bar. Why not try ice cream varieties that are “whipped” or “slow-churned”, they have fewer calories per serving.

3. Beaches and ballparks

Moments spent at beach or ballgame could be some of the best ways to savour the summer – but they can also contribute to diet disasters. It is then you eat mostly outdoor foods which are tasty and calorie filled.

Solution: Instead of typical high calorie beach and ballpark food opt for easy, make-ahead home meals and snacks that go pretty good during travelling. You’ll save money and your shape. Keep nut butters and dips in small plastic containers for a mess-free travel. Also try and get a small, insulated carry basket to keep food and beverages cool on hot summer days.

4. Backyard BBQs

Do you know grilled foods are one of the healthiest types of cooked food – it minimizes added pounds, and the high-heat brings out the natural flavours of food. But grilling is healthy only based on what you are grilling.

Solution: Limit BBQ calories by using lean ground beef, or grill skinless turkey breast, or you can chose to grill mushrooms. For hot dogs, opt for a turkey or chicken frank. Keep a check on side dishes when you’re outdoor entertaining; because mayo-soaked sides like pasta salad or potato salad has calories like a burger.

So hope you will like the above discussion.

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