Happy 60th birthday to Anil Kapoor- gentleman of bollywood

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Anil Kapoor’s birthday blast.

Anil Kapoor enjoyed in his 60th wedding in London, uk and his children and their boy friends made it an unforgettable evening

That’s awesome

London’s most stylish private club, Annabel’s Mayfair, with wonderful starlit dance floors for the world’s rich to party.


It’s Sonam and Rhea Kapoor’s favorite hangout when in the Queen’s Town.

On Weekend night, all the Kapoor men, in tuxes, reached the team with their well-heeled plus-ones to band in Kapoor’s 60th wedding party on Dec 24.

You know you are an Anil Kapoor fan and if the track of ‘Dhina Din Dhaa’ from Ram Lakhan makes you tapping the feet, and your hands begin flapping by themselves. Can you think anyone will avoid it?

No wonder he is symbolic of all the jhakaas.

Even today, Anil Kapoor is a name to consider with in Bollywood.

With over 30 years of encounter tuck in his buckle, Kapoor demands a type of regard that very few Bollywood stars do.


He has seen it all. The peaks, the lows.

Let us make it simple

Think of a dispute in Anil Kapoor’s life. Go on. You can’t, because hardly ever will you will discover any part of rumors around him.

We know of him as a man conquered by his wife and a caring dad, motivating his daughters and son to do their best.

In the 1980s and early 90’s Anil was at the top of his acting.

He was then called as Bollywood’s Mr Gentleman. Even with his competitors he had a healthy friendship.

While his competitors Jackie Shroff, Rishi Kapoor and Govinda did some assisting roles, Anil’s profession chart has been reliable.

He took business seriously even during productions.

What places him apart is his continuous wish to re-invent. He is someone who declines to stick with a pattern.

Be it achieving the best of the small screen or big.

Anil can and will grab any role the industry offers and doesnot stick for only hero roles.

His role in the American version of 24, or Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol or be it his voice-over for the animated sequence, The family Guy. He may have gone to the foreign very delayed in his profession.

But he made sure everybody got the concept clear and loud, ‘It’s never far too delayed.’

One National Award and six Filmfare Awards later, Anil Kapoor is a legend in making.

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