Happy new year 2017: 5 destination party beaches to visit this new year eve

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Goa party town for new year

If you ask most Indians their end of the year party town then, many of them will shout the name Goa. And they will be on their toes (especially if the market for laptop computer drops in the 20-40 age group).

Yes, the exotic seashores of Goa and events that go on all through the night are things that create for a New Year’s Eve that you never thought about.

But to say that the former Portuguese community is only for the younger party-wanting crowd would be unjust, because there’s plenty to do otherwise as well.

Trekking to the Dudhsagar falls, invest your times checking old area of southern Goa – or best yet, just get a seaside chair in the early morning, and hang around all day, bathing in the sun and filling yourself with the most delightful fish.

The most favored seashores are, of course, Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Anjuna and Arambole, but as difficult as it appears, the 101km Goan shoreline still does have some lesser-known segments that one can discover this year.

Oh really!

So, if you’re advancing to Goa and want to try out some choices, let us help out a little.

Mobor Seaside, southern Goa

While most of them are attracted up in the north, if you’re the type who would like to be a while away from the haste, and get your excitement hurry more from experience activities, then go over to south Goa and to Mobor Seaside.


This unique place doesn’t ensure it to the most of your well-known New Year’s Eve in Goa list accurately because it’s a key hideaway that the residents treasure.

Ashwem beach, north Goa


North goa beach is basically a party zone, Ashwem provides a cool breeze for those who would like to be away for some calmness and comfort. It is an amazing place for the couples who would like to go hand in hand walk.

Calangute/Baga Seaside, north Goa

It’s all very best to understand new locations, but if certain locations have developed a name for themselves over the years as the ‘it’ areas, then there’s a very valid basis for that.


Tito’s Road is the best place for new year eve in Goa an you should be early there so that you get place to move.

With an excellent DJ mashup the whole night, the weather will be awesome, It would give a smell of beer and smoke and you wouldnt want the night to end.

Palolem beach, southern Goa

Silent parties are famous in Palolem beaches in South Goa – which is excellent, because you can celebratw the night away but without the noisy disturbance.


That’s awesome

There are also crackers to be enjoyed at nighttime, as the new year starts. It’s the best of all Goan planets.

Benaulim beach, southern Goa

It is one of the underdeveloped beaches and we would like it to get developed. A little south of Margao, Benaulim beach has a wonderful story with it and its privacy is portion of the main purpose it attracts a lot of international visitors.


It has couple of shacks and provides some excellent fish choices.

This is one for those who want to relax again, rest and welcome the year in a loving style.

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