Dangal : Worth Watching Movie To Take a Resolution This New Year

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about the tough struggle of Dangal movie and Phogat family.

Let’s get something important for everyone. Dangal is a movie designed on convenience, rock-solid single-mindedness and a stable feeling of good.

Which is why, in these unclear periods, it will increase.

But is it really the movie that it could have been? The response to that, unfortunately, is a complete no.


Dangal, as a biopic, does the tough journey and winds up being a movie of the year. It may be about the “incredible trip of the Phogat sisters”, as Mahavir Singh Phogat (Aamir Khan) himself says in one of the most essential scenes of the film, but the hero of the part is Aamir Khan.

That’s great!

The factor about action biopics is that they have a set design. It’s always going to be a story of the underdog who triumphs all the tough times.

No one likes you about an average players trip of unknown.

The listeners already know how the story will end, the secret to success is in informing it well. While informing the story of the Phogat siblings, Tiwari follows the most apparent design.


In the Balali village in Haryana, Mahavir Singh Phogat is a name that is famous and respectable.

He is a popular wrestler, who almost made his village proud. Decades later, a past-his-prime Phogat is still eager for the wonder he was declined.

Now he wants a son he can train to fight for the nation. But instead he has had four daughters.

This creates the Phogat family children in waiting around.

Every time spouse Daya (Sakshi Tanwar) gives a child to Phogat, you can see the anxiety in her eyes, the sadness in his face.

These are the most emotional minutes of the video and you wish Tiwari had designed upon those minutes, informed us a bit more about the facts of the hinterlands of Haryana, a state which has the lowest sex rate in the nation.

But we get very little of that.

One day, a confused Phogat is encountered with problems against his children. Two black-eyed boys in torn outfits take a position right before him.

They had made the error of abusing the Phogat sisters names. Mahavir’s sight light up because he understands his choriyas are no less than choras.

A dad awakens to his children last but not least looks at them. He chooses that he will groom them to be wrestlers. Your choice is so natural, so lacking of log-kya-kahenge hesitations, that you choose to accept it completely.

Tiwari wants to show the world the tough wrestling and struggle of the Phogat family and please dont miss to watch the movie.

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