Foods That Will Nourish Your Heart

We keep breathing as long our heart beats. So it is essential to take some extra care of our heart. In this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews I shall discuss how to nourish your heart and care for it.

Care with Fiber

Oatmeal and bran cereals are a very healthy way to begin your day. They have soluble fibre, which lowers your LDL or bad cholesterol.


Other good sources include beans and whole grains like barley. You can also take it as a supplement, like psyllium.

Stanols and Sterols

Get these nutrients in certain fruits, veggies, seed and nuts. They block your body from absorbing cholesterol. Almonds, peanuts, olive oil, and Brussels sprouts are best choices.


Also you can go for foods that have sterols and stanols added in, like orange juice, margarine, and yogurt. Supplements could be helpful to lower your cholesterol, but do check with your physician.



When you take spicy food, you need also protect your heart. People used garlic as medicine for centuries, and studies on supplements shows that it might have many benefits that include your blood pressure and cholesterol. Talk to your physician before you try any pills, since it might raise your risk of bleeding.

Vitamin D


Only a few foods have it. Salmon and tuna are to name a few. You could also find it in “fortified” milk and orange juice that has vitamin D added in. Researchers are yet studying its uses and whether supplements can help. Take the supplements after consulting your physician.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

They keep your arteries clear, put your bp even, and curb your triglycerides, which are fats in your blood that can increase your heart risk. How do you get this nutrient? Simply eat fatty fish like salmon or mackerel twice a week. If your physician prescribes more omega-3s, try fish oil pills, but make sure to know the exact quantity that you should take.

Green Tea


Drink green tea if you want to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. As per researches, chemicals called catechins might lower your cholesterol. If you don’t like this brew, it also comes as capsule, but consult your doc first.



Get this chemical by eating tomatoes, whether fresh or cooked. Research suggest that it lowers your risk of heart disease. You can also get it as a supplement, but researchers say that it’s good to get them from foods.


Fruits like apples and strawberries have Pectin, a soluble fibre, which helps lower LDL cholesterol. Even you can also take it as supplement; health experts say that food is best.



A powerful antioxidant which can keep your arteries clear and protect your heart. If you don’t like the fruit, you can take supplement as pills but do consult your physician.



Eat foods with Folic acid and you might cut your risk of heart disease and heart attack. You can try dark leafy greens like spinach, or eat lentils, lima beans, and asparagus. Even you can take supplements but as mention need to consult your physician.

I conclude now.

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