Shahid and Mira shares about their love life in Koffee with Karan 5

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Shahid-Mira relationships.

Post their much-talked about marriage and kid Misha’s beginning, the beautiful couple, Shahid and Mira Kapoor have lastly brought up their love life while creating their first look together on tv with Koffee With Karan Season 5.

While Shahid Kapoor was seen occupying the sofa for the fifth time, it was his first tv overall look with his spouse, Mira.

We just could not take our sight off from this one as the show has nothing less than a loving event up for show. With a few perfect minutes and some very funny details about each other, the couple created the show value viewing.

The love-birds not only tried their best to persuade us that weddings are made in heaven but also at one factor made Karan Johar experience the deficiency of being in love.

Here are some features from the show that really shows that Shahid and Mira Kapoor are truly made for each other.


1) It was an organized marriage but was not like ‘Vivah’ at all

We all know how these two met each other but listening to about it from the couple was all we were looking ahead to.

Even as their love story does not sound anything less than a tale, it was quite amazing to know that Shahid never proposed Mira before their marriage. Being single for about 4 years, Shahid began finding himself in likes and dislikes. It was then when he began feeling alone and was ‘craving’ to be with someone but absolutely not from the industry.

Mira was just 21 and had no idea that Shahid’s family had come at a friend’s home over lunchtime to see her.

Both Shahid and Mira talked non-stop for 7 hourse when they met each other for the first time in Delhi at a buddy’s farm home in Chattarpur.

While Shahid liked her ever since their first meeting, Mira took almost 6 months to say ‘Yes’ to Shahid.

2) ‘I am completely in love with Shahid’, says Mira Kapoor

Shahid got really near to Mira after her maternity. While Mira considers that maternity is plenty of your energy when I and You becomes We and Us in every type, Shahid seems that he is a great supported of organized marriage as there are no objectives from the part and the job of falling in love happens later.


It took a few months for Shahid and Mira to comprehend each other as they began with empty slates.

Gradually there came a factor when Mira experienced she could not stay even a day without Shahid during her maternity.

3) Ghost’s from past times.

Even though he had been in a number of long-term connections in past times, Mira does not think that Shahid has ever taken a luggage of his past connections. While Mira stated that both of them discuss and know everything about each other, Shahid in partial refusal said that he is still studying about her men. The couple also said that they welcomed a few ex-girlfriends of Shahid for their marriage but they did not turn up.

4) Peek-A-Boo in Shahid & Mira’s wedded life

While Mira says I Love You to Shahid every night before sleeping, Shahid has some hot names like ‘Jaan’ and ‘Baby’ for calling Mira passionately. During Mira’s maternity, Shahid used to get presents for Mira as she could not go out. Acknowledging about Shahid’s more than amazing the kiss abilities, the several also admitted about the kiss in a car.

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