Devendra Fadnavis says Aamir Khan is Hanuman

CRB Tech reviews over here shares about Aamir Khan’s social work.

Actor Aamir Khan, whose newest release Dangal is breaking box office record, said on Tuesday that achievements of his effort for making Maharashtra famine totally free provide him more fulfillment.

Just like I am anxious and stressed before the release of my movies, I am nervous about the second version of Satyamev Jayate Standard water Cup organized by our Paani foundation.

We are looking to 30 talukas in 13 districts.


If the venture performs well and we play a role for making Maharashtra famine free, that will provide me more fulfillment than the achievements of my movies,” Aamir informed journalists at the release of the second version of the Satyamev Jayate Standard water Cup in Mumbai

The 51-year-old acting professional also said that last season the competitors was among 116 towns in three talukas and now 30 talukas in 13 regions are being protected. “It gives me fulfillment that we have been able to motivate assurance among the villagers that they can get over water problems.

The concept of Paani Foundation came during my connections with (Maharashtra) chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, who was enthusiastic about Jalyukt Shivar, his leading water preservation program.

Standard water protection needs to be an individuals activity. I was talking about with him about my programs for doing something for water preservation and I was happy with the Chief Minister’s interest,” said Aamir.

The chosen talukas are Purandar, Indapur in Pune region, Karanja in Washim, Koregaon, Maan, Khatav in Satara, Fulambri, Khultabad in Aurangabad, Bharni, Paranda, Kalamb in Osmanabad, Ausa and Nilanga in Latur, Arvi in Wardha, Ralegaon, Kalamb and Umerkhed in Yavatmal among others.


Devendra Fadnavis described Aamir as a ‘Jal-Sevak’. “Aamir is like Hanuman. He has to remember of his strong points. He was uncertain of whether he would be capable of handling the venture completely. He organises everything so completely whenever he requires a duty.”

The minister said the Paani Foundation has given a new sizing to individuals activity on water protection. “One can’t depend only on govt assistance. ‘Paani adva, paani jirva’ (the water preservation motto of the local govt for 40 years) was just a motto and not an individuals activity.

Communication is important.

Aamir is an excellent speaker and he has transformed battle for water preservation into a party,” said the CM.

Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru, the lead stars of the superhit Marathi movie Sairat, function in the background songs movie of Satyamev Jayate Standard water Cup 2. It has been directed by the Nagraj Manjule and songs structure is done by Ajay-Atul.

The lines have been composed down by Guru Thakur, with Kiran Rao giving her voice to the song.

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