Important Symptoms You Mustn’t Ignore

In this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we shall discuss important symptoms that must not be ignored. All aches and pains aren’t a sign of anything serious, but certain symptoms should be given attention. Consult a physician, if you feel any of the following:

1. Weakness in Arms and Legs

If you get numb in your limbs or face, it can be a sign of stroke, mainly if it’s only on one side of your body.

It could also be a stroke if you can’t keep your balance, feel dizzy, or have trouble in walking.


Ask for help fast if you suddenly can’t see clear, get a severe headache, feel dizzy, or have problems speaking or understanding.

If you get a clot-buster drug within 4.5 hours of your first symptom, the chances of risk could be lowered for the long-term disability from stroke.

2. Chest Pain

When it comes to a chest pain, it’s better to be safe than feel sorry.

Any chest pain, mainly accompanied by sweat, pressure, shortness of breath, or nausea, must be evaluated by a doctor.

Chest pain or pressure could be a sign of heart disease or a cardiac attack, mainly if you get it during exertion or while being active.

If your chest gets the feel of tightening or heavy, and it lasts for more than a few minutes or goes away to return after some time, get help. Don’t ignore!

3. Pain & Tenderness in the Back of Your Lower Leg

This could be a symptom of a blood clot in your leg.It can happen when you sit for a long time or if you’re sick and was bed ridden for a long time.

It’s normal to feel tenderness after exercise. But if it is accompanied with some redness, and feel the heat where it’s swollen or painful, refer your physician.

It’s important to find a blood clot before it breaks and blocks the blood flow, which could lead to complications.

4. Blood in Urine

If you have blood in urine and you also feel pain in your side or in your back, you might have kidney stones.

Your doctor might take X-rays or do an ultrasound to see the stones. Many kidney stones generally pass through your body when you pee. It is very painful. Sometimes your doctor might need to remove the kidney stone.

If there is blood in urine and an increase in feeling that you urgently need to pee, make frequent trips to the bathroom, or get burning sensation when you urinate, you might have a severe kidney infection. Don’t wait but see your doctor, mainly if you have a fever accompanied.

If you see blood in urine, but don’t feel any pain, it might be a sign of bladder or kidney cancer.

5. Wheezing

Breathing problems must be treated right away. If you’re wheezing, or hear a whistling sound while you breathe, consult a doctor.


It might be from asthma, a lung disease, a severe allergy, or exposure to chemicals. Wheezing could also be caused by pneumonia or bronchitis.

6. Suicidal Thoughts

If you feel depressed or trapped, or think you have no reasons to live, then get medical counselling.

A doctor or a mental health physician will talk to you, make you feel safe, and help you come out of this tough time.

We conclude for now.

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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