A Coach Can Make You Or Break You

If you are an exercise fan at least it’s good to remember that a coach plays a pivotal role in the development of your physique. That’s why training under a good coach is mandatory.Here at CRB Tech Reviews we share some signs that bring forth a bad coach.

1. Didn’t Teach Any Compound Lifts

It is that compound lifts are difficult to teach and needs plenty of technical details, a lot of bad trainers just overlook them. Trainers, who doesn’t know about techniques, will always make you work with the machines. Compound movements are the basic bodybuilding and strength gains.


2. Always Take Effort To Sell Supplements

There are a few trainers who wil often recommend and rather insist you to take some XYZ supplement. They might try to sell them directly or will recommend you a shop, from where they’ll get a commission.

3. Tells You Not To Diet

Diets are always customised keeping in mind a person’s lifestyle, routine and habits. That helps you keep a track over the calories you intake. So if your trainer doesn’t say you that, it’s quite obvious that he or she to be changed.

4. Does Not Pay Attention To Your Injuries And Health Conditions

If he says you to bench press without knowing if you had or have a shoulder injury, making you squat or dead lift when you have hurt your back, or make you perform circuit training type workouts being indifferent to your heart conditions are the biggest signs of a dumb trainer. Caution!

5. Talk About Spot Reduction

Spot reduction is an attempt to remove subcutaneous body fat stores from specific areas of the body by performing exercises that target those areas. So, he makes you do 100s of crunches and sit-ups in an attempt to get rid of the belly fat. Remember all, it’s a myth.

6. Reluctant To Answer Your Queries

You hired a personal trainer and you are quite obvious to ask any query about your training program or diet. If he or she avoids answering the question, you better avoid the fees you are wasting on him or her;next time onwards.

7.  Your Trainer Wants To Meet You Outside the Gym

There are tons of great trainers. And also loads of pervert trainers who try finding excuses to date/sleep with the women they train. Beware of those men!

8. They Themselves Are Not In Shape

Though they are not expected to look like a physique model or a bodybuilder; but must be fit and in good shape such that he can inspire you too. Tell me how you could as a client, be motivated to work out if your trainer is loaded with pounds or is bony.

With these words of wisdom, I conclude now.

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