Bollywood Awards Sideline Actors For Stars?

CRB Tech reviews takes a look at the film awards scenario in Bollywood, in this blog.

For commoners like us, receiving an award as a type of acknowledgment for all the diligent work we’ve put in means the world. Yet, with regards to those who’re a part of the film business, things work in an unexpected way.

For them, getting an honor is equal to going to a ceremony, spruced up in costly designer garments and posing for pictures. On the off chance that they’ve been paid somewhat additional, they’ll presumably likewise set up a performance, as who doesn’t care for an extended version of a dance reality show on a Sunday night, correct?


What’s more, however we’ve been seeing this for no less than 10 years, it makes us extremely upset each time we see an entertainer getting an honor, since he is dedicated more on his exercise routine than his acting!

We don’t expect much from the vast majority of these award ceremonies. One such popular awards ceremony was held in December, even before Dangal’s release, since they wanted to broadcast the show on New Year’s Eve. Another of such awards were more about Iulia Vantur (Salman Khan’s claimed sweetheart) making her first time appearances in front of an audience and Aishwarya Rai telling the world that she’s a sanskari bahu in the Bachchan family than real celebration of authentic ability!

A year ago, one of the most well known honors of Hindi film industry, gave an award to debutant Suraj Pancholi over Vicky Kaushal and it would seem that this year will be the same.

As far as actresses are concerned, why reprimand Swara Bhaskar for her role in Nil Battey Sannata. Can one say that she is excessively arty for this particular rundown? Taapsee Pannu’s acting in Pink made us feel the character’s turbulent battle. However, there is no taking notice of the performing artist who held ground in a film that was about a gathering of women battling for their rights either.

It’s not about perceiving the talent or exhibitions any longer. As Amitabh Bachchan as of late expressed in Rajeev Masand’s actors round-table, the award shows are only broad-casted occassions. Famous people come in for 15 minutes, gather their award, sit in the group of onlookers, give 5 expressions for the camera and leave.

It’s high time that all this changes for the good of the film industry in the longer run.

Anyways, CRB Tech reviews wishes all the nominees, the best of luck!!! CRB Tech WordPress.

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