Do Away With Concern Over Injured Shoulders At The Gym

You must know that there are certain muscle groups which are more prone to injuries then the others. Even minor injuries to those muscle groups can lead to extended and unwanted bed rest. Here in this blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we write about them in details for your insight.

Without much stretching lemme tell you that these parts are your shoulder joints, lower back and the knee joints. In this blog piece we will talk in particular about the shoulder joint and tell you what to avoid and how to recover from the already aching shoulder.

1. Avoiding the pulling exercises


Most people do way more push type exercises than the pull type. The bench press has many ways to hit the chest from all angles, both with dumbbells and barbells. Same opts for shoulder press, since it’s a push movement. But do you really perform many variations or do as much volume when it comes to rows or any other pulling movement, for that matter? The answer is no! This creates an imbalance as your chest gets stronger and stiffer than your back and, over the duration, it will cause posture problems and cause health issues.

So what you need to do is the same number of sets in form of various pull ups as you do in Pushes.

2. Not Performing Closed Chain Exercises

If you want to work at the pecs, shoulders and triceps, you get so hooked up with barbell presses that they many of you forget that other moves can hit the same muscle group too. Why not try the classic push up? If you find them easy, instead do weighted pushups.

3. Try the Dumbbells as a Change


While using barbells, your hands can’t rotate and it results unnatural position for your shoulders. This can worsen your already existing shoulder issues. Dumbells provide you better control over the movement of the weight and better posture to shoulder joints.

4. Avoid The Crossfit Workouts If You Are A Starter

Owing to the bad trainers, CrossFit has become a cause of injuries. Take my words of wisdom; keep away from the Olympic lifts in your crossfit routine.

5. Avoid Behind Back Presses


These exercises are fine for people who have great shoulder health. If you have any shoulder issues, you need to avoid them.

The position of the barbell behind neck press puts your shoulders in extreme external rotation and abduction. Pressing weight in that position puts stress on the shoulder joints and ligaments and enhances your risk of neck injury.

6. Don’t Try Guillotine Press

In a bench press when you flare your elbows outwards and lower the bar more towards the upper part of your chest. As most guys at gym bench press this way and things get disastrous for shoulders.

We conclude the discussion now!

Keep looking into this space by CRB Tech Solutions for more on wellness and fitness.

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