Stop Unnecessary Stretching Before Starting A Workout

Today in the blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we share about the reasons why you need to stop stretching before you start doing workout.

Some misconceptions or wrong ideas are the reason why stretching is in a bad state of existence. And worse is that people does stretching right before starting a workout. Yessss! That ‘half-bum-trying-to-touch-your-toe’ thing, that’s worse than not stretching at all.

Stretching is the basic of having lesser sore and flexible muscles. Stop doing mistakes in the name of toe-touches and learn how and why, stretching plays an essential role in your physical development. And this will help you walk less like a zombie with sore muscles.


To keep it simple, stretching is temporary lengthening of the muscle fibres. Stretching helps the blood flow to micro and major tissues that constitute a muscle. This enhances the stretch-ability and mobility of the muscles. Muscle’s unique characteristic of elasticity helps it to lengthen and contract without injury. Do you know, fascicle is the largest unit of the muscles. Fascicle is made up of smaller components called myofibrils, which is composed of sarcomeres. With stretching, the overlap lowers and the muscles lengthen and when you contract, it increases.

Consider Your Muscle As A Rubber Band 

Just like the rubber band, your muscles get cold too. When you are at rest, the blood flow is slower and restricted in comparison to working out. This makes the muscles ‘cold’. Next when you start stretching right off a chair, you welcome a sprain. And these toe touches, side twists and elbow folds are useless and harmful.

Do ‘Dynamic’ Stretching Before A Workout


Dynamic stretching is not only bending here and there and extending your limbs in the name of stretching. It’s a controlled and a set of kicks, brief runs, rolls, and even lifting lighter weights. It’s required to get the blood flowing to allow the muscles know that it’s time to work. If you do it properly, it enhances joint mobility and blood flow throughout the body 

keep ‘Static’ Stretching After A Workout

Static stretching is nothing but standing in a place and stretching your limbs. It’s to be done after a workout and not before. The logic says your body is warm after a workout hence, there is sense in a static stretch.

Stretching Lowers The Chances Of Injury, And Doesn’t Eliminate It

Now if you think that you can get away with bad form on different lifts just by stretching; that’s a wrong belief. Stretching doesn’t guarantee no injury.

Hope you liked this discussion.

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