Cardios Can Make You Fat Instead Of Flat

Some experts say that cardio makes you gain weight. While cardio might not directly result in a weight gain, there are a few ways by which it could negatively affect your fat loss efforts. Here at CRB Tech Reviews, we enlist some conditions under which cardio can make you fat and not flat.

1. Excessive Cardio Enhance Hunger

You must notice that after a long cardio session, you crave for food badly. Excess cardio intensifies your hunger, which leads to increased food intake and eventually results in fat gain. You might not necessarily crave for fatty foods, but you generally end up eating more when you’re very hungry. And there your weight loss efforts fail you.


2. Some Diets Do Not Complement Some Types Of Cardio

Some people takes up their protein and carbs only just because they started working out. This is a big mistake mainly if you’re doing low to moderate intensity cardio. These exercises do not damage your muscles or deplete your energy stores much. So instead of being used as fuel or helping you build muscles, your increased diet on proteins and carbs will build up inside your body in the form of fats. This says it only works on increasing your weight.

3. Cardio Is Not Effective For Fat Loss Once You Get Adapted

While aerobic-style cardio might significantly help beginners in weight loss, you won’t experience the same effect if you have been working out for some time. With your regular work out, your body adapts to the exercise routine and learns how to utilize its energy and oxygen supply much better. This says you’ll now burn fewer calories than someone who is new to cardio.


4. Cardio Makes Fat Loss More Complicated If You Are Suffer From Chronic Stress

People who suffer from chronic stress often have high levels of cortisol in their bodies. When your cortisol level is very high, your cells develop a kind of insulin resistance and results in inflammation. Over doing steady state cardio further increases the cortisol levels, which further signals the body to store fat by hindering insulin functionality.

Moreoevr, high cortisol levels make you more susceptible to sugar cravings in an atempt to replace the depleted serotonin. This means you will be constantly be feasting on high-sugar foods, which makes your cardio irrelevant.


Here are a few tips to help you lose weight more significantly:

· If you include some cardio in your daily exercise routine, ensure you avoid with steady-state cardio. For effective weight loss, go for high-intensity variations like circuit training, sprints, etc.

·Do some strength training in your daily routine for an overall improvement in physique.

· Combine exercise with a healthy diet and stress management techniques in order to balance everything.

We conclude the discussion here. Hope you liked it.

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