An Interview With The Founder Of Asia’s Largest Fitness Exposition


If you are a fitness freak and likes bodybuilding, then you must have heard about the BodyPower Expo. It is Asia’s largest fitness, sports trade and bodybuilding centre. In today’s blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we share an interview with the CEO of BodyPower, Mr. Nick Orton. 

Story and idea behind the Bodypower Expo.

Mick said that he and his core team are very much into fitness and keep brainstorming about the possible business opportunities. In the year 2006-07 they came up with the concept of the BodyPower Expo. At that time, the market was small and the risk associated quite high. They went to explore the market and understand the risk.


AS there was very little support at that time and besides fitness, BodyPower is also about bodybuilding. He met Dorian Yates over a coffee and discussed about Body Power.  He was convinced by the concept and supported them. Dorian made them meet Kai Greene. Kai was doing great in his competitions and he did phenomenal guest posing at the BodyPower Expo UK 2009. The first show was small but it gave confidence.

Why India was your next choice for next Target Market?

Nick said that before initiating BodyPower, he was into the pharma industry in Birmingham. During his career, he met with a lot of Indians and was really impressed by their hardworking nature and the business skills. Hence he determined one day that he will do business in India. Hence after success in UK, India was his next choice. 

His take on various fitness expos that have emerged currently.

Nick said it’s great and as long all maintains integrity and does business in a professional and ethical way. Nick said when he started BodyPower in India, there weren’t any competitors. Money never happened to be the primary goal. In fact, they wanted to take the fitness industry at a higher level. 

Current and future business plans in referance to the Indian market.

Nick said that they are coming up with their own supplement brand by the name of BodyPower Nutrition. They have associated with a few top named Indian athletes, as sponsored athletes by BodyPower Nutrition. Nick mentioned a few names and the list included Kumar Manava, Sangram Chougule and Sham Singh Shera.

WE conclude the blog for now. Hope you liked it. Let us know your opinions in comment sections below.

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