Benefits Of Eggs As The Most Complete Source Of Protein

Eggs are one of the healthiest, cheap and a whole source of protein available on the earth. Today’s blog topic at CRB Tech Reviews is all about the facts of egg and its benefits.

1. Cheap Source Of High Quality Protein

A medium-sized egg contains 6g of high quality protein and all the essential amino acids. Egg protein is better than that of plants since the later doesn’t have all essential amino acids.

2. Choline

A water soluble vitamin which is great for all. Women with diet rich in choline might have lower risk of breast cancer. Adult male needs about 550mg of choline a day and whole egg contains around 150mg. So only 3 whole eggs a day will make you give the required intake.


3. Highly Satisfying

Eggs make keep fuller for long. Don’t be surprised if you don’t have an appetite for food after eating eggs. This is true only if you eat the whole eggs and not the whites alone.

4. Zero Carbs

Eggs contain no carbs. So if you are planning for weight loss, eat eggs.

So, whether you are an avid athlete or someone who wants to eat healthy, eggs are for you.

Never Miss The Egg Yolk

An egg yolk has 4g of fat out of which 2g is monounsaturated or good fat and 2.5grams of protein in addition. An egg white contains only protein. So you not only escape the good fat, but also the Protein when you miss the egg yolk.

This doesn’t say you can eat whole eggs as much as you want but escaping them completely, isn’t a wise idea either. There’s a room for whole eggs in your diet that depends on your activity levels, cardiac health and how much fats you require in your diet.

White Eggs vs Brown egg


Brown eggs are not any healthier than white eggs either. Brown eggs simply come from a different breed of hens, which are often bigger birds and require more food than the white-egg-laying hens. Those expecditure are usually passed on, adding to the brown eggs.

Some Eggs Have Double Yolk….Are They Safe To Consume?

Double-yolked eggs are often given by young hens whose egg producing cycles are not completely synchronized, or by hens which are old and can’t produce large-sized eggs. In India and Hong Kong, chicken are bred to lay double-yolked eggs that are highly desired by customers.

W conclude now!

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