3 Summer Fruits For Better Gym Performance

Today at CRB Tech Reviews we write about three summers that can help you improve your gym performance and lower your recovery time.

The colour foods are essential and here we write about the trio!

1. Strawberries

Strawberries are the yummy summer fruits; at their cheapest and tastiest during the early summer. They are full of vitamin C and rich in phenolic compounds, which have antioxidant properties. These important combinations found in strawberries are the reason to enhance blood flow in the body as well as free radicals disposal.


A diet high in these nutrients might help you to improve clearance of free radicals generated as a result of strenuous exercise, which points at enhanced recovery capabilities after a strenuous session.

Strawberries are delicious, but also go well with oats, yogurt, protein pancakes, or as part of your smoothie. Consider buying them while the price is nice, and store them in your fridge so you have plenty for the months to come.

2. Watermelon

They are as healthy as they sound! A fruit loaded with nutrients and sugar.

One of the popular pre-workout ingredients on the block is citrulline citrulline malate. Supplementing with 6-8 grams of citrulline before a workout is known to enhance blood flow, which might positively impact high-intensity performance, muscle soreness, and muscular fatigue.


Watermelon rind and to some extent the flesh is an excellent source of citrulline. One cup of rind provides 2.5 g of citrulline. The rind is edible and loaded with nutrients. If you don’t like that, eating the flesh up to the rind, instead of leaving some visible red flesh at the end, can help you consume more citrulline.

Do not worry the sugar part; despite the 9 g of sugar per 1 cup of diced melon, this fruit is nearly 99 percent water, which will make keep you full and limit you from the entire intake.

Enjoy fresh watermelon at any time of the day, add to your shakes or drinks as option.

3. Kiwi

A powerful combination of nutrition. Kiwis are an excellent source of iron, vitamin K, several B vitamins, and calcium. 1 kiwi has more than 100 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C.

Kiwi’s recovery related benefit comes at night when you sleep. As per researches, if you consume two kiwis an hour before bed that enhances sleep quality and duration in people with insomnia.


This recovery happens due to the high level of serotonin found in kiwis, which plays a positive role in sleep cycle. When you sleep better, you recover better, and that helps you in workout.

Grab a kiwi and bite the entire skin and flesh, or you might spoon out the rich, green flesh. It also goes well with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt or as fruit salad.

We conclude now.

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