Protect Your Back With This Daily Routine


In today’s blog topic by CRB Tech Reviews we shall discuss how to care and pamper your glutes, core and lower back with the below mentioned routine, and you’ll definitely love it.

Many of us are dealing with the same daily sedentary positions as the rest of the population, and as much as we might love it, the gym doesn’t recover the chair.

On the contrary, the time you spend sitting throughout the day is negatively impacting both the quality of your training and your orthopaedic health.

If don’t want to quit that desk job that provides a roof over your head and food; we have the next best thing for you. The below suggestions will do wonders for your back.

The Movements

This postural activation program is essential on pure execution, so pay attention to the details.

1. Foam Roll Quads

This is not like to flop around on the ground like a dead fish, but to target some of the most functionally shortened tissues in the body.

Once you position yourself on your stomach with the roller under the front of one of your thighs, it’s time to get started. Your purpose is to search for the tenderest and palpable trigger point in this region and oscillate; only moving the roller 1-2 inches at a time for 30 seconds.

It’s easy to waste away 30 minutes trying to roll the entire body. Remember, you are using this method for a specific tissue response to gear you for the next movement in this series.

2. Dynamic Hip-Flexor Stretch

From a half-kneeling position, practice and expertise three points of stability before even thinking about stretching. 1st develop tension through the pecs and lats, which will center the scapulae and the shoulder joints. 2nd you have to contract the glute on the kneeling leg to set the pelvis in a aligned position. Finally, turn on the core. If you get the entire positions correct, you will naturally get 360 degrees of core tension.


From this position, bring your hands gradually to the front knee and turn back and forth with 1-2 inches of relative knee movement for 45 seconds. Next do 30-second static stretches at the end range. Do avoid lower-back compensation, and instead own some pelvic stability.

3. Banded Glute Bridge

Anyone who sits on their glute during the day creates poor alignment at the pelvis and lumbar spine and an occlusion effect at the gluteal muscles, reduces local blood supply to these tissues.

The glutes has various set of muscles, helps many movements at the hips and pelvis. So, in order to get exact activation and strong contractions from the thickest muscle in the human body, you need to target multiple actions of the glutes at once.


While lying on your back, wrap the mini-band just above the knees, with your feet in a relatively narrow position. Drive your knees out actively first, and drive your hips up hard into extension. Hold that peak contraction for a few seconds and lower your back down slowly. The purpose is to squeeze the glutes and produce as much internal muscular force as possible to activate them.

4. 3-Way Plank

The final movement of this routine will be a 3-way plank, which includes a side plank and front plank drill combined into one sequence.


Start with side plank, completing 15 seconds on each side, and end with the front plank on elbows to complete this sequence. Squeeze everything you can in all these positions. After two rounds, you are ready to roll. Do this in the morning to begin your day off right, or you can use this entire sequence to break up bouts of sitting during the day. If you practice daily or regularly, you can’t go wrong!

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